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The Natives of Southeastern & Southcentral Pennsylvania: Table of Contents  for Topic Heading
*Page: TOC to Topic Heading [You are Here]; Topic:Natives of Soeastern and Socentral Pa; General Subject Heading: Native Americans of the Now US Chapter Pa & Our Pennsylvanians [See Pa Chapter Index & Chapter Page Map];  Volume  Our American ImmigrantsTome Within the  Vines Historical Family Study.
*Associated Pages : Pa History & Settlement in Brief * Pa History Gateway Page * Our Pennsylvanians Title Page
*Topic Relevance:  The Natives of this region are relevant to both the the Howard and Allied Ascendancy and the Swope and Allied Ascendancy. which together form the genealogical basis for the Within the Vines Website. 

The Natives of Southeastern and Southcentral Pennsylvania:  Table of Contents for Topic and Links to Dedicated Pages
  • Background Matter
    • Dedicated Page: Why this portion of Pennsylvania only? The reason for this study. 
    • Dedicated Page: Subject Introduction and General Overview :  Page discusses 
      • The Natives of Southeastern & central Penna , Pre-Contact History & Tribal Positions 
      • Penna's  Changing Native Powers from Time of Contact to 1682; The Effect of Trade: The Beaver Wars and Iroquois Rise to Dominance 
      • The Four Colonial Powers Influential to the History of Pennsylvania 
      • The Colonial Powers & the Natives of Penna [who fought with whom for whom and why] 
      • William Penn [1682] & the Natives of Penna 
      • James Logan, Penn's Secretary , & the Natives [The writer's direct ancestor and His significant role with  the individual and  general populace groups] 
      • Our immigrant European Forebears  & the Natives of Penna from 1682 to ca 1750 
  • Specific Nations Involved in Southeastern and Southcentral Penna Colonial history:  [Each page includes Specific nation Pre and Post Contact History, Position and Situation at time of European settlement,  relevant treaties and their effects, and situation to end of habitation within the greater Pennsylvania society ] for 
  • Treaties involving Southeastern and Southcentral Penna 
    • Dedicated Page: Most important Treaties Between Penn, Penn Heirs and the Native Americans involving the  Pennsylvania  of our Forebears: 
      • Penn Treaties with the Lenape 1682-84
      • Penn Heir Treaties with the Iroquois
      • Land West of Susquehanna 1736 . Iroquois Treaty. This sale involved "All the Land West of the Susquehanna to the Setting Sun "  [James Logan entertained at Stenton the Iroquois Indians involved in this sale] 
      • The Walking Purchase 1737 . Iroquois sale of Lenape Lands. [brokered and signed by Iroquois Chiefs and  James  Logan  [seperate page] on behalf of the Penn Heirs ]. Includes comment and links to this deed's effect during the later French & Indian War
    • Dedicated Page: James Logan and the Natives of Pennsylvania  Penn Steward in the Colony, Direct Forebear to Writer, with vital  Role in Diplomacy, Treaties, English Expansion]
  • The French and Indian War and its effect in Pennsylvania 
    • Dedicated Page: Pennsylvania and the French and Indian War in which this period of Penna history is discussed , the background for Indian role upon southcentral and southeastern Penna reviewed, and the situation of direct forebears in relation to this turbulence identified. 

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