Map of the German/Swiss areas of residence for our German Surnames at time of Emmigration when known
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Our German & Swiss Forebears  of the 18th  Century [ Places of Residence at time of Emmigration ]
Three Maps are given, each with increasing detail
To : A List of our Direct Palatine Ancestors and the years of their arrival.  the areas they came from when known

Map 1 of 3

map 1 of 3

Below are Two maps showing the region from which are Germans emmigrated.
The first is more general ca 1700 Germany
the 2nd superimposes the map of Germany from the 30 years war era over which our ancestors towns are identified.

map 2 of 3

map 3 of 3


A List of our Direct Palatine Ancestors;   The years of their arrival ,   the areas they came from, and their church on emmigration  when known
(DIRECT ancestors only; does not reflect the entirity of Palatines present on the tree itself with whom our non direct relatives intermarried)
In order of Appearance in America: with notation on their churches when known. See accompanying maps above for their regions of European residency when known
 [See History for German Immigration regarding importance of same]


(2 Generations) Born  (Zurich, Switzerland and Holenharter Hof, Mauer, Germany)
Arrived 1709   Lancaster County


Arrived with husband Hans Herr 1709.
Arrived 1709 with her inlaws  and husband  Abraham Herr


Born 1701 Switzerland,
Arrival data unknown , Married Rudolph Herr date yet not known
( died   Lancaster County)

Brenneman           .

Born Canton Berne, Switzerland-> Lancaster &York Counties
Arrived  24 Aug 1717 Via The Port Of Philadelphia, Pa
Mentioned in Lancaster 1709 according to some sources-two   voyages?


Arrived with husband  Melchior Brenneman 1717

Swope/ Schwab

Born Sinsheim, Baden, Germany
Arrived Penna 1720, 1st Generation died Lancaster County
Family progressed Chester [became Lancaster County]-> York ->Adams Counties


Name of Yost Swopeís wife who accompanied him as identified by  Morse and McLachlin.
Lutheran In Mention Of Marriage/Reformed According To Baptismal Record Of Son
Born Duehren bei Sinsheim, Heidelberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg


On William and Sarah from Rotterdam summer 1727.
Born Weyler Under    Steinsberg//Weiler   Heidleberg,Baden,Germany,(Was County Of     Hilsbach)  (Now In Baden) In The Palatinate On The Rhine
Arrived     Philadelphia in Sept of 1727.  Master William Hill.
Family progressed -> Lancaster, York and Adams Counties


Wife to Hans Kasper Spengler, Judith.
Born Weiler, Hilsbach, Germany. Died York County.
William and Sarah from Rotterdam in summer of 1727 in company with her husband whom she had married 1712.


born 1718 Germany,
Arrival Unknown, Wife to Jonas Spengler. Married him in Adams County
died Paradise, Penna


24 Aug 1728 Aboard The Mortonhouse From Germany
 (wife of John Jacob Hoke-her surname is not  secure)

Hoke/ Hock

Born Monheim, (Probably Monheim-Am-Rhein- Rheinland, Preussen) Germany
Arrived 24 Aug 1728 aboard the Mortonhouse from Germany,       (Rotterdam by way of clearance in Deal, England, on June 15) John     Coultes, Master
Family Progressed->York and Adams Counties
Reformed? Lutheran?  Daughter married Hock who was Reformed. Son Jacob was Lutheran
born  Ittlingen, Singheim, Baden, Germany ( Ettlingen, Sinzheim, B. )
Arrived  ship Albany (Captain Lazarus Oxman), on Sept. 1, 1729      from      Rotterdam via Cowes.
York County


Reformed? Daughter married Hock who was Reformed
Born  Ittlingen, Singheim, Baden, Germany
Immigrated   1 Sep 1729 on Ship Albany with husband Eichelberger
Died Hanover, Lancaster (now York County) Penna

Line/ Lein

Naturalized Lancaster County 1729-John Line was Elder of the earliest Reformed Church, which at first was called The Hill Church and later      Hellers, now officially called Salem Lancaster County
Reformed [2nd marriage] / Evangelical Lutheran (  Buried Quickelís Church)
Born Brandau, Hessen- Darmstadt, Germany
Arrived Perth-Amboy, 19 October 1736, Geo Frazer, Master
York County
Bender / Penter/ Panther
 Born unknown place, thought to have arrived Philadelphia 1738 where he was a Cordwaine. His son resided York/ Adams County, Penna.
York-> Adams county
Meals / Muehl
Born Baden Germany 1711
 Arrived in America Sept.26,1741 on the ship St. Mark
York (later Adams) and Adams Counties

Kindigen [Kindig]

Maria Stinia KINDIGEN [tombstone inscription] , also known as Maria or Catharine. She married 1743/4 apparantly in now Adams County [then York County] Pennsylvania to Jonas SPANGLER. She and Jonas are buried in Pigeon Hill Cemetery Paradise twp [now -1896- Jackson twp] York County, Penna. Her father is said to be Martin KINDIGEN, but it is also possible her name is the female form of the german name KINDIG, and he may be found under that name.

Hurickhouse/ Humickhausen

Unknown birthplace/date
Lutheran? Dtr buried in Evangelical Lutheran (Quickelís ) Church
Arrived on Ship Judith in 1748
York County
Ascendancy Unknown. Born date unknown in York, Penna, [ca 1726]
 (wife to Jacob Bender, Jr married in York County 1746)
Born York County, ->York and Adams Counties
Ascendancy Unknown. Elizabeth Mohler was born ca 1759 and married John TROXELL, with whom she raised children in Adams County, Pennsylvania.


Present by 1761 Lancaster Penna [date of marriage]  Ascendancy Unknown.
Evangelical Lutheran (  Buried Quickelís Church)
2nd wife to Johann Michael Quickel


Reformed; (but) buried in Evangelical Lutheran Church (Quickels)
 Arrived on Ship Judith in 1748.
Present York County (now Adams)  1759


Born Lenk,  Switzerland
Arrived Philadelphia 17 Aug 1733 Ship "Samuel"
Resided Bucks [now Lehigh] and Frederick County Maryland

Snavely [surname under research]

Ascendancy unknown. Said to be born Barbara SNAVELY,  Barbara Bauer , widow, Johann Michael Quickel as his second wife., found in  Church Records of First Reformed Congregation at Lancaster, Penna: Michael Quickel,widower, m. Barbara Bauer, widow,  on June 2, 1761


Born Germany circa 1761.
Present York (now Adams County)  late 18th  century

Bachman/ Baughman

Born Baden-Baden 1755
Resided Adams County (now Adams  County)  late 18th Century


Ascendancy undetermined, residing Adams County Penna early 19th  Century

Stair- Could be Stoehr but conversely may be English.

Ascendancy under research. Present York County early 19th->York and   Adams  Counties

HERR, Hans  [Mennonite Bishop]  and wife KUNDIG, Barbel
Hans Herr and his wife arrived 1709/10 and settled on the  south side of Pequa Creek, Lancaster, PA [then the western frontier] where he  and other Palatines purchased 10,000 acres of land in a land deal in large part brokered by Martin Kundig, Han's son in law known as the land agent for the Conestoga settlement. At the time of his emmigration he was in his 7th decade, and his wife was 5 years his junior.
This famous Bishop  among mennonites is abundantly studied in history and geneology. He led his beleaguered people , with their painful history of abuse, toruture , exile, imprisonment and killings, first to England, and then to the new world, and settled them on the far reaches of the frontier. The home , now a museaum, bearing the Herr name in Lancaster County in fact was built by his son, also a bishop, in 1719, and it was used as a house of worship as well. This home is the oldest remaining Mennonite church in America, despite the precense of other Mennonites earlier on in Germantown, near Philadelphia. See Relevant Webpages herein Our Mennonites of Lancaster County

BAR, Anna  arrived 1717
[with her husband Abraham Herr, son of Bishop Hans Herr] to Penna in 1709/10. See Relevant Webpages herein Our Mennonites of Lancaster County

arrived  24 Aug 1717 Via The Port Of Philadelphia, Pa. , died New Danville, Lancaster, Penna
Despite this Ship record and year, some say "One of the oldest settlers in Lancaster Co., Pa., and is mentioned as early  as 1709." did he cross twice? He was Mennonite, and strongly allied with the Herr family. Several Mennnites made the crossing more than once in order to bring others of their faith to their new world. See Relevant Webpages herein Our Mennonites of Lancaster County

LEIN , John  [LINE/LYNE]  .
Naturalized October 14, 1729. John Line was Elder of the earliest Reformed Church, which at first was called The Hill Church and later Hellers, now officially called Salem. Heller's Church had its origin in the year 1725.

SWOPE,Yost  [Schwab]
emmigrated 1720 with his wife and  children, one of whom was Johannes Swope, and Yost is long regarded as the first of any Swope on American soil. This family settled in Lancaster County.His daughter,  Anna Elisabetha Schwab Riehm (Ream) had emmigrated with her husband Johann Eberhard Riehm in 1717, and although she had given up her Surname, this truly first Swope no doubt contributed to her parent's decision to relocate here.

WOLFHARDT, Anna Katharine [ Yost's wife as Identified in Swope Book of Remembrance]  arrived with her husband in 1720. See Yost Swope  for my lingering questions regarding her identification

DOTTERER, Michael and  his wife:
FISHER, Maria . Present  BY 1726  [no anscendancy known for her]
This husband and wife team came from Germany to Penna. A child was born In philadelphia in 1726.

SPANGLER [Spengler] Hans Kasper arrived on William and Sarah from Rotterdam to Phily in Sept 1727. He and his new wife Judithforged into the wilderness west of  Penn's Susquehanna.

HOKE, Johann Jacob [Hock]  and his wife,
Anna Margaretha (possibly last name MUELLER),
They arrived on the Mortonhouse into Philadelphia from Rotterdam 24 August 1728, settling first Lancaster City, Penna where he was a weaver and Minister.

EICHELBERGER Johann Phillip Friederich arrived on Ship Albany from Rotterdam via Cowes 1 sept 1729 with his first wife  Anna Barbara  Doerners.  She died Lancaster County. He remarried to
BECKER, Mary Magdalena , our direct. His second wife married him 1738 at Trinity Lutheran, Lancaster County, Penna. Her ascendancy is under research. They both died York County, Penna

BENTZ,  Johannes
Arrived 1732 to Phila Resided Manchester Twp. , now West Manchester Township, York County, Penna

TROXELL, Peter   [Trachsel] and his wife:

TRAUTHAGER, Juliana Catharina
They  Arrived Phily 1733 and  Settled first in Egypt, Bucks [now Lehigh] County [near Allentown] but removed to  Frederick County Maryland just south of Adams County, Pennsylvania. Their son would live in Littlestown, and their grandson be credited with building the first home in Gettysburg , Adams County, Penna. 

QUICKEL, Johann Michael  [Some branches took the spelling QUICKLE]
arriving Perth-Amboy, 19 October 1736, in company of his two brothers. He died in York County.

BENDER, Jacob [Senior]  [Penter]
appears to have arrived in Philadelphia in 1738. He was a cordwaine in Philadelphia.

SCHNEIDER, Catharine/Anna, Jacob Bender Junior's wife, born York,  Penna  date unknown but ca 1726. She married him in 1746 in York, York County, Penna

MEALS  , Johann Samuel  [MUHL / MIEHLS]
arrived  Sept.26,1741 on the ship St. Mark. He died in what is now Adams County, Penna [Bendersville area. His wife:

 GYLOY, Maria Charlottha  [wife of Johann Samuel MUHLis said to have accompanied him

KINDIGEN [probably the female form of Kindig] Maria [Mary (Catharine)] ; on her tombstone it says MARIA STINIA SPENGLER
Present in the region of York County now pertaining to Adams by 1743/4 when she married her husband Jonas Spangler. Her father was Martin Kindigen or Kindig

Arrived 1748 on SHip Judith to Penna. Initially residing in and around York county, Penna., John Humrickhouse  moved his family to Germantown, Pa., in 1771. Two sons and one son in law fought in the Revolution.

MOHLER, Elizabeth
born 1758 /9 [based on obit stating she was 64 years old] in place unknown and of unknown ascendancy, she married John TROXELL of Adams County, penna and raised children in Adams Countyand in Gettysburg there once that town was established. Her husband is credited with building the first home in that town.

SNAVELY, Barbara
Present by 1761 Lancaster Penna. Ascendancy Unknown. 2nd Wife to  Johann Michael QUICKEL , she married him 1761 at the Reformed Church in Lancaster County, Penna] Her ascendancy is unknown.
MOOR/MOORE , Martha , born Md 1787 [Possibly MOHR]
There is a VERY UNLIKELY possibility this name is an Americanization of the German MOHR and is included in these pages in deference to that remote possibility. [this grandmother to Judge Samuel McCurdy Swope, was born circa 1787 in Maryland according to Census. Her family is under research. I suspect her to be part of the Scotch Irish Settlement in the southern portion of Adams, in lands disputed by the mason dixon survey, and closely associated with the Manor of Maske . She was married at Piney Creek, near Emmitsburg, Md. to James McCurdy, grandson of the James McCurdy immigrant. He inherited  his portion of the McCurdyfarm that is out Route 15 near marsh creek and in southern Adams County, Penna. The church was further south and over the Penna/Md border. See Relevant Page herein "The Manor of Maske"

BAUGHMAN, Christian  Arrived  1791  and
He was born 1755 Baden Baden, died 1802 in Adams county, Penna.

SCHNEBELE, Elizabeth [wife to Christian Baughman]
born about 1762 Germany, she died 1861 at 99 years in Adams County, Penna and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

Born 1792 in Penna. Settted Gettysburg and built first home there, on site of present courthouse. Despite this importance in the history of Gettysburg, his ascendancy is elusive to the extreme.

STAIR, Henry Born3 Jan 1830,  presumably in Penna. His name may be an Americanized form of the German STOEHR, or STARR, but conversely he may be of British Isle ancestry. This ancestor is frustratingly hard to get hold of. He died too young to be head of household for any census, and no Stair family yields him.

REINECKE  Otto Charles  Louis
Arrived Baltimore from Germany 1868 .