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Volume II; Before America: The Europeans Within the Vines
Detailing the European ascendancy of both the Howard and Allied Families and Swope and Allied Families of America.

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  • The Peers and Royals Within the Vines
  • Our  Germans Within the Vines [Contents] including but not limited to] :
  • Introduction: Our German Speaking Ancestors
  • History of Germany, our Germans,  and the Reason for Emmigration
  • Our  Germans of Germany 
  • The Swiss Germans
  • our Our German speakers in France 
  • Maps of German Regions of Emmigration by Surname
  • German Surnames in order of Apperance in the New World
  • Ireland Within The Vines  [Brief History of Ireland and Table of Contents to Pages of Irish Study, including but not limited to] :
  • Our Ancient Irish and The Royalty of Ireland [Howard and allied AND Swope and allied relevant] 
  • Normans of Ireland
  • The Plantation of Ulster and
  • The Irish and Scotch Irish Within the Vines [Howard and allied AND Swope and allied relevant] 
  • County Cavan and Bailieborough Within It 
  • The Welsh Within the Vines
  • The English Within the Vines  [Howard and allied AND Swope and allied relevant] 
  • The Scots Within the Vines
  • The Normans Within the Vines Including but not limited to
  • Normandy , its Evolution and Rollo the first Norman 
  • Normans of England
  • Ancestor list and Study Wm the Conqueror ti Charlemagne (10 generations) 
  • Normans of Ireland
  • The Vikings  Within The Vines