First Generation to America REINECKE: Otto Charles Luis REINECKEtd
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1 Otto Charles Louis REINECKE
Birth: 22 Mar 1851, Celle, Hannover, Germany
Death: 4 Jan 1928
Burial: Wash. , D.C (Washington DC (Glenwood Cemetery Section N, Lot No. 3)
Alias: Otto / OC /OCL
Father: Wilhelm (Col. ) REINECKE (1824-)
Mother: Elise  SHULTZ (1832-)
Educated: Bremen, Germany for elementary and College
Occupation: Merchant Marine, Census Bureau Washington from 1880, Secretary of the DC Fire Department, Secretary of the National Press Brick Company. Moved frequently as a result of his work,  managing businesses
Emmigrated : To America 1868, arriving Baltimore, Md. naturalized 1872
His Autobiography [imcomplete] 

Spouse: Ella Blanche MEALS Marr: 19 Jan 1881, Washington, DC
Children of Otto and  Ella Meals Reinecke: 
Included in this photo are Otto and Ella, Will, Grace [standing] , Ruth and Fuzzie [youngest girl]  Grace would die of infection not long after. The photo was taken at Devil's Den, Gettysburg. Because of their frequent trips home to Gettysburg and Ella's family, Ruth met her future husband there.
His Autobiography: 
The following are from notes on his life written by Otto Charles Louis Reinecke 
 "Educated in Elementary School and College in Bremen, Germany. Made two trips as apprectice on the ship Richard of Bremen from Bremen to Rangoon, India. In Spring of 1868 obtained papers of emigration from the german government, bei ng stricken from the rolls of german citizenship and landed in Baltimore in October 1868. About a week after my arrival in Baltimore went to Washington, DC where I obtained a position as clerk in the toy store of Mr Bernard Silverberg located on 7th Street N.W. between D street and Pennsylvania Ave. Later became a  clerk in a grocery store of Mr Henry Sievers at the corner of 0 and 8th Street  N.W. In February 1869 I came to New York and shipped as an able seaman on board the full rigged sailing ship "Corssica" of Thomston, Maine, Captain Joseph August Havener for a trip to Melbourne, Australia.  The trip consuming 97 days. If the record of the Amercan Consulate in Melbourne are still on file they will show that I 
was spokesman for the crew of the ship, which made charges against the  Captain and his officers Messrs. Moody and Mooney for cruel and inhuman treatment during the voyage.  I remained in Australia until early in 1871 when I shipped on the American Bark Nereid for San Francisco, California and made a return trip from there in the same vessel to Cebu, Phil. Islands. Returning to San Francisco arrived there on the 22nd day of Feb 1872 and after having attained my 21st year of  age obtained my citizens papers and that year cast my first vote as an American citizen for President Grant. About that time I joined Company B 1st batallion of Cavalry N.G.C as a private, was made company secretary and later was elected 2d lieutenant obtaining my commission from the then Governor Irwin. During the Kearney Riots, during which the city was placed under martial law, I acted as special aid to the Adjudant Gen Walsh and while in performance of my duty was  fired upon and my horse slashed by rioters. Was later promoted to the rank of 1st lieutenant and I understood while in San Francisco several years ago, that my name had been placed on the roll of honor of the state. In December 1879 I came to Washington, where I was connected with the daily press and in 1880 was appointed by the Hon. Carl Schurz, Secretary of the Interior, to a position in the Census Bureau and was promoted  3 times for efficient services.  Was appointed by the District Commissioners as secretary of the District of Columbia Fire  Department, resigned from this position to accept a similar position with the National Press Brick Company of which Dr M. L. Ruth of the US Navy was President and Admiral Walker one of the Directors.  During my connection with the Brick Co I was one of the organizers and Charter members of the Washington Builders  Exchange and individually and at my own expense organized a cavalry company as  a unit of the National... (editors note:here the type is lost.  It then continues:) I moved to Jersey City in 1896 where I have since resided  the exception of 21 months during which I lived in Kansas City, Mo. While living in Jersey City was NY representative of the White Brick and Terra Cotta Co President Charles Siedler-the Dahlstrom metallic Door Co of Jamestown, NY and the Monarch Metal  Manufacturing Co of Kansas City President Mr. W. Zahner. While in Kansas City Mo, was sales manager of the Monarch Metal Mfg. Co and again in Jersey City as NY  representative of the Solar Metal Product Co of Columbus Ohio and at present am employed as Business Solicitor by the Hedden, Pearson, Starrett Corporation. During the Hayes election campaign in 1876 a disastrous fire occured in San Francisco, which destroyed four entire city blocks. It started in the engine room of the F Korbel and Bros South Park Saw Mill and Cigar Box factory in which I  was employed as Superintendent and while engaged in saving the lives of several of the patients of the German Hospital located in...TO BE CONTINUED

1.1 Anna Blanche REINECKE

Birth: 22 Nov 1881, Washington DC?
Death: 3 Dec 1883, Washington DC

1.2 Agnes Grace (Grace) REINECKE

Birth: 26 Oct 1883, Washington DC
Death: 5 Dec 1903, Jersey City, New Jersey
Burial: Wash. , D.C (Washington DC (Glenwood Cemetery Section N, Lot No. 3)
Died of Infection, engaged. 

1.3 William Otto REINECKE

Birth: 15 Oct 1886, Washington DC [May 15 according to SS] 
Death: 27 Apr 1977, Redwood City, San Mateo, CA
Resided: California. Resided Menlo Park, California/Last SS benefit issued in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, CA

Uncle Will sometimes visited us in Gettysburg in mid-late 60s.  I remember him  as fun, white haired and patient with kids. He reminded me of the fellow in the ži love to laughÓ part of Mary Poppins. California was all movies to me as a child. 

Found in SS index. Birth date incorrect but could be transcription error...The birthdate here is from his sister, Ruth.
WILLIAM REINECKE SSN 546-16-9450 Residence:  94062››Redwood City, San Mateo, CA
› Born 15 May 1886 Last Benefit:  94086››Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, CA
› Died Apr 1977 Issued:  CA (Before 1951)
REINECKE› WILLIAM› O› MALE› 15 May 1886› 27 Apr 1977› DIST. OF COLUMBIA› SAN MATEO› 546169450› › ›
California Deaths, 1940-97

Spouse: Evelyn JOHNSON1
Death: bef 1977, (husbandŪs SS ended with his death)
Marr: 1 Jun 1921, San Francisco, California

W.  (Living)
 R.  (Living)
 F.  (Living)

1.4 Hazel Ruth  REINECKE [See her own dedicated Page] 

Birth: 18 Aug 1888, Washington, DC
Death: 30 May 1985, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Spouse: James Donald ÓDeweyÓ SWOPE

Marr: 20 Dec 1910, Jersey City, New Jersey

Children [viewable on husband's page]


1.5a Ella Florence (Florence) žFuzzieÓ REINECKE

Birth: 12 Aug 1895, Smith St, Jamaica, LI, NY
Burial: Washington DC (Glenwood Cemetery Section N, Lot No. 3)

Shown here with here sister Ruth to her left, [Ruth is to Right in photo] 




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