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Surnames in these pages:


Surnames Involved in Militia of Penna

Andrew / Andreus  HOKE, direct Ancestor :
  • In the French and Indian War Andrew Hoke served with Braddock, and was with him at his defeat & surrender.   [Braddock was the General under whom George Washington served in 1755. Braddock attempted to capture Fort Duquesne , in Penna., from the French, but was killed and his army defeated. 
Andrew Hoke " was at Trenton at the Hessian defeat 1776
"At six o'clock on Christmas evening, the troops marched toward McKonkey's Ferry, nine miles north of Trenton. Many of  the ill-clad soldiers wrapped rags around their feet; others were shoeless. Boats collected at this strategic crossing were manned by ... a unit largely composed of fishermen from Marblehead, Massachusetts. The passage of 2,700 American soldiers commenced at twilight, but was impeded by snow fall  that turned to sleet and by heavy ice floes in the river. Washinton, wrapped in his cloak, watched silently from the shore. The artillery finally landed on the Jersey bank of the Delaware at about three o'clock in the morning of December 26, 1776, and  the march got underway an hour later. Two miles beyond the landing, at Bear's Tavern, Washington separated his army into two columns"1n 1780  He  was Private 2nd Class, in Capt. Reinhart Botts Company, 3rd. Battalion, Manchester Militia (PA, 6th Ser., Vol.2, P499). "

In 1780 Andrew Hoke was "Private 2nd Class, in Capt. Reinhart Botts Company, 3rd. Battalion, Manchester Militia (PA, 6th Ser., Vol.2, P499)."2
Robert  McCurdy [Direct Ancestor ] 
Captain of the 7th Co, 7th Batallion, and served 1777-1780 from Lower Leacock, Lancaster Co, Penna. Following his service, her removed immediately to York [now Adams County] Pennsylvania, where he is found that year in the Township of Cumberland, and region of the former  Manor of Maske.

: Robert McCurdy served 1777-80

Within his Batallion is found:
Murdoch Kendrick
                          The ancestors of Murdoch Kendrick, of the Philadelphia bar, were among the early German settlers
                          in the Conestoga and Pequea valleys of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, long prior to the
                          Revolution, and many members of the Kendrick family took an active part in that struggle. was
                          captain of a company in the First battalion of Lancaster county militia, COLONEL JOHN BOYD,
                          which was called into active service in May, 1777, and George, Martin, Isaac, and Henry Kendrick,
                          Jr.,were members of the same battalion.   http://www.clanboyd.info/state/Pennsylvania/colonial/

From Derick S. HartshornÝs HOKE pages:
ýresided in Manchester Twp., York Co. Pa. and served in the Rev. War as a private in Reinhart Bott's and Emanuel Herman's Companies, York Co. Militia 2nd. Batt'l. (Pa. Arch. Set.6 Vol. 2, p.619: Capt. E. Herman's 5th Co. 7th Class).
Johann Peter Hoke is listed in the Daughters of the American Revolution records as aSargeant in Captain Rhinehart Bott's York County Militia, 1780-1782

Others found on the web serving with Bott:

BENTZ, Michael, son of direct Johannes
 BENTZ and Maria Magdalena his wife



Peter  BENTZ  [Our Direct]

Above From John Bentz Hamme Notes on Peter BENTZ transcribed  by  Jane , his descendant, in email [Janes email is : oliver1250@hotmail.com]

George Sheakley [Son in law to Robert McCurdy above listed and married to Margaret McCurdy]
 "YORK CO VOLUNT Fourth Battalion
Col. John Andrew, '78; Lt. Col. William Walker, '78, William Gillelan, '79; Major Simon Vanarsdale, '78, John King, '79. 1st Co., Capt.  John Calmery, '79; 1st Lt. William Hamilton, '78, Samuel Gillelan, '79; 2nd Lt. Joseph Pollock, '78; Ensign Adam Weaver, '78, Nathaniel Glassco, '79.
Rank & file, 58 men.

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