John Bentz Hamme's study of the Descendants of John Bentz [written ca 1944]
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The following text was submitted by  Jane [[oliver1250@hotmail.com], a fellow researcher and descendant1, who had collected the notes of her grandmother and among them had found this paper attributed to   John Bentz Hamme.

Errors ocur in this text. I have italisized and placed in red the  errors I have found but I have not substantiated ALL of these entries by Hamme, generally working only on my own direct line.  Please refer to analyzation of John Bentz Hamme's work.
Caveat Emptor on this detailed study of the Bentz line, much of which yields VERY useful and interesting history on the Bentz family. The reader is encouraged to consult primary documents to substantiate the genealogies here found, and or, establish the errors in its pages.

Those persons who are present in pages  Within The Vines© are linked to their entries therein, where more detail is available.

[Red and Italisized entries within this text are this Editor's notations and not part of Hamme's original text.
See too  Analyzation of John Bentz Hamme's Work  ]


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"John Bentz, our emigrant ancestor was born, probably in the Palatinate of the Rhine in 1707. The place of birth and the name of his parents are
not known. At the age of 23 years he, in company with an older brother Michael, aged 27 years, sailed from Notterdam in the ship "Loyal Judith" , with Robert Turpin as Master. They arrived at Philadelphia and took the oath of allegiance September 25,1732.

He and his wife, Maria Magdalena, came to York County, then known as Lancaster County. On November 22,1749 John Bentz of Dover Twp. In the new county of York, was given a Proprietors Warrant for 163 acres of land in Manchester Twp. , now West Manchester Township, along the Little Conewago Creek, about midway between the Bull Road and the Carlisle Road, adjoining the lands of Martin Bower and Philip Kreber. A portion of this land was deeded October 31,1770, to Stephen Reittinger, later Stephen Reittinger and wife sold this to George Nailor. This tract then joined lands of Henry Bensil, Philip Kreber, Peter Lind formerly Martin Bower, and Michael Bentz.

John Bentz was a Lutheran and one of the signers of the Charter for Christ Lutheran Church in York, Pa., signed September 1733. He died in 1778 and was buried on his plantation at the north side and quite close to his house, where, in 1941 several tombstones were still standing, but the inscriptions were entirely obliterated. There is no record of the death of his wife. It is quite likely that she was also buried there.

They had issue as follows:

  • (2) John Michael Bentz b. September 19,1735
  • (2) John Joseph Bentz  b. September 21 & Bapt. November 10,1738, Wit present were Joseph Beyer, Martin Bauer and Elizabeth Wolf
  • (2)Anna Elizabeth Bentz b. January 3,1741, Bapt. January 27,1741. Wit. present, Peter and Ann Wolf
  • (2)Maria Dorothy Bentz  b. June 14,1743, bapt. June 19,1743. Wit. present Martin Weigel and wife.
  • (2)John Philip Bentz b. January 14,1745, bapt. February 9, 1745. Wit. present Martin Weigel
  • (2)John Bentz, a twin to J. Philip. Wit. present John and Dorothy Schramm and Anna Maria Schramm
  • (2)Maria Margaretha Bentz b. September 30,1746, bapt. January 1747. Wit. present Jacob and Dorothy Schramm
  • (2) John Martin Bentz b. February 19,1749
  • (2) Anna Maria Bentz b. April 21, 1751
  • (2)Johannes Henirich Bentz b. ? bapt by Rev. Jacob Leschey July 3,1757

Page 2 

[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments
John Michael Bentz, born in Manchester Township, York County September 19,1735, baptized in Christ Lutheran at York, Pa., October 9,1735. He married October 27,1755, Catherine Elizabeth Kauffman, a daughter of Christian Kauffman of the town of Dover, York Co., Pa. The date of her birth is not known. She died young and was buried at the Warrington Meeting House in Warrington Township, York County, Pa.

John Michael Bentz served as a private in the American Revolution in Captain Jacob Beister's Company, Fifth Battallion, York County Associators, commanded by Col. William Rankin, (see Prowell's History, page 263). He was later a private in Captain Reinhart Bott's Company, Fifth Battallion, York Co. Militia from Manchester Township in 1780. (see Prowell's History, page 276) [Editor's note: see also Our Associators within the Vines for expanded service]

He lived on his plantation of 74 acres in Manchester, now West Manchester Township, York Co., Pa., it being part of the original Tract granted to his father by the Proprietaries in 1749. Here he died and, like his father, was buried thereon in 1817.

They had issue as follows:

  • (3)John Peter Bentz b. in W. Manchester Twp. September 8,1758 [editor's notation, this is incorrect.Michael and Catherineare presented by John Bentz Hamme in this text as parents to Peter Bentz incorrectly,  John Peter "Peter"  Bentz is in fact Michael's youngest brother not his son.  This is confirmed by: Rev Lishy's baptismal record for Peter Bentz with parents mentioned, confirmed  by birth In Quickel's Union;  the OldKeller Bible  in York County viewed 1930s and passed down in family notation where Peter is listed as son, brother and husband ( son of John and Magdalena BENTZ, brother to Michael BENTZ  and  husband to Anna Maria HUMRICKHOUSE) and his ownmarriage confirmed in Christ Lutheran records.]
  • (3)John Jacob Bentz b. June 24,1762, Bapt. October 31,1762, Wit. Jacob Weigel, son of Martin also Margaret Kauffman, of Christian
  • (3)Maria Elizabeth Bentz b. May 31,1760, bapt. August 10,1760. Wit. Peter Bentz and wife Cath. Elizabeth, she m. John Schramm.
  • (3)Maria Catherine, birth date not known, m. John Eichinger
  • (3)Maria Magdalena, b. June 8,1769, bapt. July 12,1769, m. Himes, they had 2 children : Thomas and Mary Himes.

The will of John Michael Bentz was probated January 10,1818. His executors were Peter Bentz and Jacob Weigel, his widow, who was his second wife, was Margaret nee Rolet or Rolette. There were no children.

His estate consisted of a plantation in West Manchester Township adjoining the lands of Baltzer Hamme, George Nailer and others, containing 74 acres, also a plantation in Newberry Twp. , containing 80 acres.

His widow Margaret's will was probated November 18,1820, Andrew Stough was the executor. She left all her property to her sister Margaret Rolet, widow of John Hubley.

  • (3)John Peter Bentz [Ed Note: JohnPeter "Peter"  Bentz is Michael's Youngest bro as found in Rev Lishy's baptismal record for Peter Bentz and this should not be generation 3, subsequent generations in John Bentz Hamme text here provided are off by one generation for this line as a result. Peter's geneological page Within The Vinespresents him as son to John and Magdalena, not Michael and Catharine]b. in W. Manchester Twp. September 8,1758 and died in Conewago Twp. May 6,1823. He married Anna Maria Humerichouse, daughter of John and Barbara Humerichouse, of Manchester Twp., York Co., Pa, where she was born August 13,1761. She died August 7,1842. They are both buried in the old cemetery at Quickel's Church in Conewago Twp., York Co., Pa. He served as a Private in the American Revolution, in Capt. Simon Copenheaver's Company, First Battallion of York Co., Associators.  He saw service with the Flying Camp in New Jersey about Perth Amboy. (see Prowell's History, p. 273). He also was a private in Capt. Martin Shetter's Co., Fifth Class, York Co., Militia for the year 1782, (see Prowell's History,p. 273) He drew pension in 1818. While living in that part of Newberry Twp. Which later became a part of Conewago Twp., he was assessed in 1782 for16 acres of land, 1 horse and 1 cow, his tax was 1 L. 2s. 6d. [see also Our Associators and Our Militiamen for his expanded service]

Page 3

[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]
They had issue as follows:
    • (4) Catherine Bentz b. Dec. 5,1783, bapt. August 8,1784, She married John Frey and together they went west, destination unknown.

    • {Birth confirmed in Quickelís (Zion) Lutheran and Reformed Church, Conewago Township, marriage Confirmed in orphans docket }
    • Possible Missing child:NOT mentioned in this text by Hamme:

    • PETER:  [born 24 Mar 1784, baptized 21 Jun 1784.   He is found in baptismal records of  Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church within Evidences of The Pentz/ Bence Family of York County, as "Peter son of Peter and Anna Maria"  but his birthdate is too close to his sister Catharine's if he is correctly identified, causing there to be either an error in his or her birth date, or his inclusion as a child in this family bundle. Peter is NOT mentioned in orphan's dockets where his possiblesiblings are identified.  This Peter is Not in 1800 census if census is correctly reflecting THIS family; died young? or incorrectly identified as son by me? No further info.]
    • (4)Anna Marie Bentz b. November 9,1785, bapt. February 12,1786. She married a Balmet, believe her home was Mechanicsburg, Pa. Believe she had a daughter Mary who married a Miller.

    • {her birth is  confirmed in Bapt/birth records for Quickel's union. She isnot mentioned in orphans docket. Marriage not substantiated}
    • (4) Susanna Bentz b. August 9,1799, bapt. September 8,1799, she married Aug. 1,1816 John Rieser.

    • {Birth confirmed Strayer's (Salem) Reformed Church, Dover Township, Marriage confirmed in orphans docket]
    • (4) Elizabeth Bentz b.June 6,1788, bapt. June 29,1788, she married George Shettle November 22,1808. They had at least one son, Samuel, who went West, but later returned. It is thought Albert Shettle at N. York is a descendent.

    • {birth confirmed Quickel's (Zion) Lutheran and Reformed  records, marriage confirmed in orphans docket]
    • (4)Michael Bentz the oldest son of John Peter and Anna, b. April 1,1790 in Conewage Twp. York Co.,Pa., bapt June 7,1790, was married by Rev. Dr. Schmucker, Apr. 14,1818 to Ann Quickel, daughter of John Quickel and Elizabeth Brenneman of Manchester Twp. where  she was born a twin to Christian Quickel, Dec 5,1802. The Bentz's lived in York, at the second home west from Duke St. , on Market St.,. where the Yorktown Hotel now (1944) stands, where he died June 2,1856. She died May 20,1882, both were buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Old section.

    • {Confirmed in orphans docket, The Administrative Bond issued  of his father's estate in which he is mentioned as son of decedent along with brother John "Michael of York Borough & John Bentz of Hellam Township"and and the Keller Bible as son, and as husband in same source, confirmed  by birth In Quickel's Union, Conewago Twp, marriage confirmed in Christ Lutheran records. }
    • (4)John Bentz, son of John Peter and Anna Maria Humerichouse Bentz, was b. November 21,1792, in Conewage Twp., bapt. May 18,1793, he died April 21,1871 in Manchester Borough. He was married by Rev. Dr. Schmucker September 18,1823, to Magdalena Blessing, daughter of Philip and Sarah Kline Blessing of Hellam Twp., York Co., Pa. April 29,1803 and died February 4,1862. They are both buried in the Lutheran Cemetery at Manchester , York Co., Pa.

    • {Confirmed as son in Quickel's (Zion) Lutheran and Reformed Church,  confirmed by Marriage Christ Lutheran. Confirmed in orphans docket,as son and in  The Administrative Bond issued  of his father's estate in which he is mentioned as son of decedent along with brother Michael "Michael of York Borough & John Bentz of Hellam Township"and confirmed in the Keller Bible as son, and as husband in same source }
    (4) ISSUE of Michael and Ann Quickel Bentz:
      • (5)Sarah Ann Bentz b.March 10,1819, d. September 2,1898, she married April 10, 1842, by Rev. Lochman to Edmund Wolf of New Holland, York Co., Pa. Who was born November 22,1817 and died January 16,1886. He was a son of Adam and Anna Maria Demuth Wolf, who operated a general store in New Holland (now Saginaw), and later founded the George Wolf and Sons business at Mt. Wolf.Their issue were:
        • William Wolf, once sheriff of York Co. Also a State Legislator.
        • Susan Wolf married Samuel Gross from Wrightsville, Pa
        • George H. Wolf m.Mary Lichtenberger, continued his father's business
        • Anna Maria m. William Moore at Wrightsville, Pa.
        • Mary Wolf m. Jacob Lichty a store-keeper at N. Holland, Pa
Page 4[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]
        • Sarah Wolf m. John Wogan, Manchester Twp., farmer and a resident of York, Pa., where he was President of the York Fair Association Edmund Wolf operated a stove foundry at Wrightsville, Pa., which was burned by General Couch of the U.S. Army in June 1863; he carried on the stove business in Baltimore, Md.. He was a member of the Maryland's Legislature, where he helped to preserve Maryland's loyalty to the Federal Government. Their issue was as follows:
          •  (6)Clay Adams Wolf b. Dec. 25,1842, single at Baltimore
          •  (6)Emma Francis Wolf, b. January 31,1847, d. April 17,1897,unmarried
          •  (6)Anna Bentz Wolf b. November 13,1849,d. March 19,1925, m. George Adams Getty
          •  (6)Mary Helen Wolf b.June 17,1852,d.    1855, Prospect Hill Cemetery
          •  (6)George Edward Wolf b.April 5,1854, d.  1855 Prospect Hill Cemetery
          •  (6)Martha Wolf, b. April 19,1858
          •  (6)Edmund Wolf, Jr., b. October 26,1861, d. December 6,1905
          •  (6)Charles Henry Wolf, b. November 24,1856, d. 1857, Prospect Hill Cemetery.

          • George Adams Getty b. July 13,1849, at Baltimore, Md., a son of James and Parthenia Dukehart. Getty son of an Irish sea Captain who left the sea about 1806, married Anna B. Wolf February 21,1871 in Baltimore by Rev. E. J. Wolf. She possessed a fine soprano voice and was a soloist for many years. She d. at the home of her daughter Mrs. F.M. Kline in Rochester NY, was buried in Lorraine Cemetery, Baltimore, Md. He was engaged in the commission business with John W. Bay from 1880 until his death in January 10,1895. He was buried in Lorraine Cem.Their issue was as follows:
            • (7)George Albert Getty b. March 10,1872 in Baltimore, Md., who served as Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in York, Pa., where he resigned in1930, (for a more complete biography, see page 680 of the Centennial History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of West Penna.) Issued in 1925. On June 5,1894 he married Alethea Wilson Bevard of Harford County, Md., who was born December 23,1869, and died at York, Pa., August 7,1915 buried in Lorraine Cemetery, Baltimore, Md. Their issue was as follows:
              • (8)Alethea Getty b. June 8,1895, d. June 16,1896
              • (8)Annie Bevard Getty b. September 24,1897, d. York July 15,1919. June 8,1817 he married Carrie H. Haase of Baltimore, v. October 21,1872. They Obtained a divorce in June 1933. November 27,1933 he married Mamie L. Regan of Columbia, Tenn., b. September 1894. In 1940 he retired at Daytona Beach, Fla
            • (7)Annie Maud Getty b. September 7,1873, d. March 19,1874
            • (7)Edmund Wolf Getty, b. January 23,1875, d. August 4,1875
            • (7)James Howard Getty, b.July 28,1876, d. December 31,1876
            • 7)Charles Clarence Getty b. Aug. 2,1878, d. April 20,1879
            • (7)Annabel Bay Getty, b. November 3,1880, m. April 4,1906, Floyd Morrison Kline, they reside in Rochester, NY
              •   (8)Elizabeth Kline b.March 1908
              •   (8)George Getty Kline, b.December 29,1909
              •   (8)Carolyn Getty, b. September 18,1914

Page 5[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]

      • (5) William Honnis Bentz, b. March 6,1821, m. Amanda DeHaven of Phila., Pa. Resided in Baltimore, n.f.f.
      • (5)Michael Henry Bentz b.May 21,1823, d. December 14,1909. He married Louisa C. Jones, b. September 21,1834, d. October 4,1907. Both are buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, Pa. She was from Baltimore. Their issue was as follows:
        • (6) Henry Clay Bentz b. September 21,1847, d. July 31,1931. He m. Jennie Chapman of York,Pa., b. October 12,1854, d. November 4,1898. No issue. Both are buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, Pa.
      • (5)Michael H Bentz m. second time Louisa Rieker, b. 1839, d. 1873
        • (6)Michael Bentz
        • (6)Emma C. H. Bentz, b. 1871. M. William M. Rivers at Baltimore. He was last heard of February 18,1897, lost somewhere at sea.
      • (5)Michael H. Bentz m. third time Amanda McChesney
      • (5)Elizabeth Ann Bentz b. November 25,1825, d. December 28,1825
      • (5)John Bentz b. December 16,1826, d. October 8,1894. He married Rebecca O. Laumaster b. January 13,1831, d. March 27,1906. Both are buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, Pa. Their issue was
        • (6)Clara Bentz b.           d.         m.Albert W. Anstine
          • (7)Harry Bentz Anstine, b. November 17,1872, d. October 30,1942. He m. Emma I. Becker, dau. Of John and Emaline Becker, b. 1876, d.1925.Their Issue was:
            • (8)Kathryn R. Anstine
            • (8)E. Margaret Anstine
          • Harry's father died when he was only 10 months old. His grandparents, the John Bentzs, then living in East Prospect took him into their home. He moved to York When about 7 years old. He was one of the organizers of the York Pretzel Co.,Which was sold to the National Biscuit Company. He was a member of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Masonic Order, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Elks, Royal fire Co. A trustee of the Historical Society of York. He was elected three Times as Mayor of York City.- in 1932,1936,1940. He resided at 458 w. Market St., York.
        • Clara Bentz Anstine married second Sprenkler
          • (7)Edgar Sprenkle
page 6[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]
        •   (6) John E. Bentz b.  1857, d. 1922
          • (7)Alice Bentz b. September 13,1860. She married August 9,1881, Eli F. Kauffman, a son of Joseph and Susan Flory Kauffman. B.September 19,1856. They own and operate a fruit farm near Stony Brook. Their issue was:
            • (8)Susan R. Kauffman, b. October 6,1887, she m. June 8,1910 Edward Seylor. Their issue was:
              •      (9)Raymond Seylor, b.June 3,1890, d.June 11,1890
              •      (9)John Bentz Seylor m.Anna M. Shellenberger. Their issue:
                •       (10)Harry Seylor
                •       (10)Robert Seylor
      • (5)A son b. February 9,1829, d. February 12,1829
      • (5)Peter Bentz, b. November 21,1830, d. Sept. 8, 1864. He married Ellen G. Griffith of Baltimore, Md., b. October 10,1840, d. October 22, 1910. Both are buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery. They were members of St. John's P.E. Church, York, where he was organist for 25 years. He also taught music and conducted a store and studio on E. Market St., York, where is now (1944) the Market St. entrance to the Yorktown Hotel. Their issue was:
        •   (6)W. Stewart Bentz
        •   (6)Harry Bentz
        •   (6)Mary S. Bentz
        •   (6)Anna Bentz
      • (5)Henry Bentz, b. December 23,1832, d. December 26,1832
      • (5)Mary Elizabeth Bentz b. May 5,1834, d. 1916. She married William Stair, b. Jan. 3,1830, d. August 22,1855. He is buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, Pa. Their issue was:
        • (6) Edward Philip Stair, b. July 4,1854, d. July 25, 1937. He m. Annie Sutton, b. March 26,1856, d. March 20,1912. He was a real estate dealer in York, Pa. Their issue was:
          •    (7) D. Philip Stair an attorney at Law in York

Page 7[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]

          •    (7)William Stair
          •    (7)Hubert Stair
      • (5)Mary Elizabeth Stair (Bentz) m.2nd May 26,1868 Reuben Leber the son of David and Anna Mary Becker Leber, b. 1832, d. 1911. Their issue was:
        • (6)Annie Kate Leber (SIC-Anna Kate STAIR, NOT a child of Leber's but his stepdtr, she was William Henry Stair's dtr) b.         d.       In 1874 she married Samuel Swope, a son of John andNancy McCurdy Swope of Adams Co., Pa. He was an attorney and Judge of Adams Co., Pa.b.     d.     Their issue was:
        • (6)David Leber, b. May 25,1869. In 1904 he married Emma Allen, a daughter of Charles B. and Rebecca Patton Allen. Their issue was: (she was a teacher in the York schools)
          • (7)Marion Rebecca Leber, b. April 5,1905. She married Lewis E. Kissinger
            •     (8)Mary Emily Kissinger b. 1936
            •     (8)Nancy Allen Kissinger b. 1939
          •    (7)Emily Leber. She married Daniel R. Conlon
        • (6)Mary Florence Leber b. May 26,1873, d. August 27,1944. On October 30,1895 she married Alfred L. G. Hodnett, [sic, found as Alred T G Hodnett in York Archives Marriage record] b. June 22,1871, d. March 12,1943. He conducted a drug store at 135 S. George St., York from 1890 to the time he died. He was a member of the York City School Board, the Presbyterian Church, the Elks, and a charter member of the Knights of Malta. Buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery. Their issue was:
          •    (7)Mary O. Hodnett,b.August 16,1896, D. March 22,1897
          •    (7)Alfred G. Hodnett, b. October 23,1897, d. July 9,1898
          •    (7)Walter Reuben Hodnett, b. May 17,1901. A Lieut. In 1943 War.
          •    (7)Alexander Peter Hodnett, b.     He was in Wilkinsburg, Pa in 1943

Page 8[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]

      • (5) Anna Bentz, b. March 18,1836, d. 1922 in York, Pa. She married David Keller a son of          b. 1829, d. 1909. He was a merchant in York. They were members of the Zion Lutheran Church at York, buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery. [Editor's Note; D M Swope obtained information from a Mrs Keller in York holding a Bentz Family Bible which had been accessed by Aunt Amy Swope Wing. This is likely the Mrs Keller mentioned. The bible is frequently used as a source within the vines for this line, as its notations were handed down to me] Their issue was:
        •  (6)Florence Eugenia Keller, b. October 29,1859, in York
        •  (6)Arthur Scott Keller, b. Sept. 1,1861, d. March 16,1922. He married Lillian Virginia Gipe, a daughter of Hollingsworth and (Free) Gipe, b.1860, d. 1903. Both were Members of Zion Lutheran Church in York, buried in Prospect Hill Cem. In York, Pa. Their issue was:
          • (7)Ethel Keller. She married Fred T. Brant. They reside in Ohio. Their issue was
            • (8)Fred B. Brant
            • (8)Helen Keller. She married John Land
        •  (6)Anna Estella Keller b. July 14,1875, d. 1901. She married William Wilt son of Philetus F. and Mary J. (Metzgar) Wilt, b. 1872, d. 1909. Their issue was:
          • (7)Carleton Wilt. He was a circus man for a number of years
    • (4)John Bentz , second son of John Peter Bentz, b. November 21,1792 was a teacher and later a farmer, owning and living on a farm adjoining the village of Foustown on the South, after the death of his wife he lived with his son, John in Manchester, where he died. Their issue was:
      •  (5)Elizabeth Ann Bentz, b. July 5,1824, d. September 29,1903. She married March 26,1841, Martin Luther Duhling the son of Martin Duhling, a stiller, a native of England, and Anna Barbara Quickel (b.1792, d. 1876). He was b. April 9,1820, d. May 5,1905. Both are buried at Manchester in the Union Cemetery. He left the farm on which he was raised at 17, taught school 32 winters. He was a Potter, a Butcher, a Musician, the postmaster in Manchester from 1860 to 1866. He was an influential Sunday school Teacher, also a Justice of the Peace for 42 years. He was a Civil War Veteran, being a first Lieutenant in Co. D. of the 200th Regiment, which was commanded by his son, William H., as Captain. They say service at Fort Steadman, March 25,1865, Participated the siege of Petersburg April 25,1865. They were present when General Lee surrendered at Appomattox, April 9,1865. He was a Republican. Both he and his wife were members of the United Brethren Church during later years, joined 1868. Their issue was:
        • (6)William Henry Duhling, b. July 31,1841, d. 1922. He married Sarah Kauffman, a dau. Of John and Mary (Lehr) Kauffman of Manchester, b. October 1,1840, d. 1927. Both are buried

Page 9[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]

          In the Union Cemetery, Manchester, Pa. He and his father organized a company of 104 men and joined the Army in Harrisburg, Pa. He was an educator in Lancaster County,Pa. He engaged in merchandising in York and later in Baltimore, Me. He went to Wyoming where he homesteaded. When he returned east by team overland he suffered hardships. He located in Durham, NC where he was connected with the University of NC as a demonstrator in the Agricultural Dept. at the time of his death. Their issue was:
          • (7)Milton Duhling, b. 1861 in Florida. His issue:
            •     (8)William Duhling
            •     (8)John Duhling
            •     (8)Ruth Duhling
            •     (8)Ora Dulhing
          •    (7)Harry Duhling. Buried Casper, Wyoming, no issue.
        • (6)Sarah Catharine Duhling,b.March 2,1848, d.May 24,1927, aged 79y,2 mo,21d. (dau. Of Elizabeth Bentz). She married George Mathias, son of George and Kathryn May Mathias. He was born April 16,1844, d. December 12,1927, aged 83 y. 7m. 26d. While in the Civil War served as a Private under Capt. W.H. Duhling, in Co. D., 200th Regt. of Penna. Volunteers and was actively engaged at Fort Steadman and Petersburg, Va. He and his wife resided in New Cumberland, Pa, where he was engaged in manufacturing woolen goods, later a stair builder. Here they died and were buried in Manchester, Pa. Union Cemetery. Their issue was:
        • (7)Margaret Ellen Mathias, b. September 25,1868, d. November 6,1933. She married Robert Edward Sharon, son of James F. and Annie Russell Sharon from Hanover Junction, Pa, on November 22,1888, by Rev. J.T. Shaffer at United Brethren Parsonage, 108 E. South St., York, Pa. Robert Edward Sharon was born November 6,1867, d. December 12,1906. He was a Penna. Railroad agent a York Have, Pa. Their issue was:
        • (8)Essie Kathryn Sharon, b. December 5,1892. She married Harry Reuben Serf, Son of Edward Calvin and Anna Mary (Elsesser) Serf, b. January 11,1888, d. January 3,1951. They resided in York. Essie m. 2nd to Urban Smyser Bond, b.December 19,1890,m.January 14,1955. Issue of Essie and Harry was:
        •   (9)Margaret Anna Serf, b.May 11,1914
        • (7)Emma Kate Mathias, b.April 9,1870. She married Harry David Quickel, son of David and Leah R. (Ginter) Quickel of Manchester, Pa., b. July 10,1871. He has been connected with
Page 10
[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]
            The paper manufacturing industry since he left school, and has been Purchasing Agent with the Schmidt and Ault Paper Co.He and his wife live in York, Pa. No issue.
          • (7)Sarah Jane Mathias b.January 9,1872.She married William Prowell, Son of Joseph Prowell of New Cumberland, Pa,. b. October 21,1869, d. Sept. 4,1943. They resided in New Cumberland, Pa. Their issue was:
            •  (8)Joseph Mathias Prowell, b. February 9,1892, unmarried. He has his home with his Uncle Harry D. Quickel since his youth. He is physically handicapped.
            •  (8)Leona Matilda Prowell, b. July 24,1890. She married Charles Frank Mutzabaugh, son of Charles and Mabel (Brown) Mutzabaugh, b. April 9,1897. They reside in Enola, Pa. No issue.
            •  (8)Emma Irene Prowell, b. June 21,1901. She married William Hannum, divorced. She lives in New Cumberland, Pa. Their issue is:
              •   (9)William Prowell Hannum, b. August 18,1923. He is a member of the US Army in1943
            • (8)E. Irene Prowell m. 2nd Earl Allred, 1944
            • (8)George William Prowell, b. July 2,1903,d.August 14,1921. Buried in Salem Cemetery in Fairview Twp., York, Pa.
            • (8)Harry David Prowell, b. May 2,1905, d. May 5,1905. Buried in Salem Cemetery, Fairview Twp. York, Pa (near Yocumtown)York Co.
          • (7)George M. Mathias, B.June 19,1874. He married Carrie Lenhart, a dau. Of b. April 12,1876 d. They reside in Baltimore, Md. Having worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad for fifty years. Is now retired. Their issue is:
            • (8)Robert Burns Mathias, b. June 7,1898 d.      He married Mabel Catharine Marshall, dau. Of Verna Vioia (Vanderau) and Harry Adolphus Marshall.b.March 18,1904. Robert Mathias is a successful candy manufacturer of Baltimore, Md.Their issue:
              • (9)Diane Marshall Mathias b. February 23,1932. Married Arthur Lamotte Garman, son of George and Carrie Garman, August 14, . Their issue:
                •       (10)Arthur Lamotte Garman Jr.
                •       (10)William Byerly Garman
                •       (10)Jane Marshall Garman
                •       (10)John Mathias Garman
                •       (10)Susan Lenhart Garman
                •       (10)Carol Smith Garman
                •       (10)Michael Houck Garman
              • (9)Joanna Lenhart Mathias, b. February 28,1935
            • (8)Alfred Lenhart Mathias, b. August 27,1902. He married Margaret Ann Hodgson, a daughter of James Franklin and Anna Maria Hodgson from Swarthmore, Pa. B. 1904 They reside if Upperco, Md. On a farm. He owns a chain of restaurants, bakeries and cafeterias. Their issue is:
              •      (9)George Duffield Mathias, b. August 27,1935
            •     (8)Mildred Emma Mathias, b. June 23,1900, d. January 8,1938
          •   (7)Lillian Bertha Mathias b. d. when young

Page 11
[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]

        • (6)Maria E. Duhling, b. August 10,1849, d. January 24,1876. She married Henry M Everhart, a son of Daniel and Sally (Mohr) Everhart,b. October 12,1839, d. 1919. Both are buried in Union Cemetery, Manchester, Pa. They resided in Manchester, Pa. Their issue was:
          • (7)Annie Kate Everhart,b. June 6,1869, d. June 20,1928. She married Rudolph Good, son of David Engel and Susan R. (Ginter) Good, b. December 28,1862, d. January 24,1876. Both are buried in Union Cemetery, Manchester, Pa, where they resided. Their issue was:
            • (8)An infant son b.1898, d.1898
            • (8)Susie Maria Good, b. March 21,1900, unmarried
            • (8)Ella Catharine Good, b. October 27,1908. These sisters reside in the old home in Manchester, Pa.
            • (8)James Rudolph Good, b. December 15,1914. He is employed at the Navy Yards at Portsmouth, Va.
            • (8)An infant Grace E. Good, born and died in 1912
        • (6)Emma Susan Duhling, b. May 21,1855, d., January 14,1931. She married Stephen A. Copenhafter of Manchester Twp., York Co, Pa. B. November 16,1856,d.July 11,1943. They reside in York, Pa where he was employed as millwright. Both are buried in Union Cemetery, Manchester, Pa. He married 2nd time Serenus, no issue
        • (6)Lillian Jane Duhling, b.March 3,1860, d. May 15,1931. She married Harry B. Ebersole of Manchester, Pa. They were divorced. She married second Jacob Good, son of David E. and Susan E. (Ginter)Good. She was buried in Union Cemetery, Manchester, Pa. She left no issue.
      • (5)Susan Bentz, dau. Of John and Magdalena (Blessing) b. March 15,1826, d. January 5,1907. She married March 4,1845, by Rev. Schmucker, to John Miller, b. June 22,1822, d. April 24,1904. Both were buried in Prospect Hill Cem. York, Pa. Their issue was:
        • (6)Daniel Bentz Miller, b. March 29,1848. He married      . They had no issue. He was in the Medical Dept. of the US Army during the Civil War until his death.
        • (6)Sarah Miller, she married William Givens. Both are buried in Prospect Hill Cem. York, Pa. Their issue was:
          •   (7)Charles Givens
          •   (7)

Page 12
[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]

          •   (7)
          •   (7)
        • (6)Amanda Miller. She married Philip Rostetter. Both are buried Prospect Hill Cem, York, Pa. Their issue was:
          •   (7)
          •   (7)
        •  (6)William Miller. He was Married, they had a son, he was a building contractor.
          •   (7)
        • (6)Magdalena (Maggie) Miller. She married George Mundorff. They reside in Elmwood, York, Pa. He was a chain manufacturer. Their issue was:
          •   (7)Catherine Mundorff
      • (5)Maria Bentz dau of John and Magdalena (Blessing) Bentz, b. March 5,1828, d. in York, May 19,1912. She married March 20,1853 by Rev. Lachman to Alfred Hamme, son of Frederick and Rebecca (Gentzler)Hamme, b. in Dover Twp. November 7,1830, d. in York, April 13,1893.]
        • (6)Franklin Bentz Hamme, b. January 8,1854, d. February 5,1914, he married February 29,1876, Emma Kate Ramer, dau of Martin and Anna Mary (Kessler ) Ramer, b. Feb 14,1858, d. October 2,1911. Both are buried in Greenmount Cemetery, York, Pa.
        • (6)William Hamme, b. September 15,1855, d. October 1877, unmarried. Buried in Greenmount Cem.
        • (6)George Hamme, b. Oct 16,1856, d. 1930. He married January 2,1875, Agnes Weigel, b. 1857 d. 1937. Both are buried in Prospect Hill Cem. York, Pa. Their issue was:
          • (7)Carrie Alverta Hamme, b. May 17,1877. She married 1906 John Charles Brown, son of John c. Brown of Renova, Pa. Their issue was:
            •    (8)Ruth Helen Brown, B. December 24,1906
            •    (8)Edward Hamme Brown c. December 4,1908
            •    (8)David Brown, b. March 11,1912, d. March 11,1912
            •    (8)Philip Brown,b. March 11,1912,D. March 23,1912

Page 13
[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]

          •   (7)Robert Hamme, b. May 12,1880, d. August 11,1880
          •   (7)Nettie Helen Brown,b. March 9,1882.Unmarried. Lives in NY City.
        • (6)Alfred Hamme, b. 1859. He married May 2,1883 Katherine Summers of Liverpool, Pa, b. August 31,1865. They reside in Reading, Pa. Their issue:
          • (7)James Albert Hamme, b. February 9,1884, unmarried. A retired US Army Captain. He saw service in the first World War at Chateau Thiery,Belleau
          • Wood and other engagements, also server 12 years in the Philippines.
          • (7)Ada Irene Hamme, b. Apr. 20,1885 in York, Pa. Resides in Reading,Pa.
          • (7)Minnie Estella Hamme, b. September 30.1886 in York, Pa. Unmarried, lives in Reading,Pa.
        • (6)Annie Elizabeth Hamme, B. December 16,1860, d. November 14,1861. Buried in the old cemetery at Shiloh Church in Manchester Twp.
        • (6)John Bentz Hamme, b. April 8,1862. Born in Manchester Twp. Married October 28,1891, Minnie A Kohler, dau. Of Elias and Harriet (Peeling) Kohler of York, Pa. ,b September 7,1863. He has been a life long Architect of note and has designed many buildings during his long career. To him we are indebted for this long and interesting family history. Mrs. Hamme has been a prominent social worker in York for may years. Their issue:
          • (7)John Alfred Hamme, b. Aug. 13,1897. He married Helen O.Boyle,dau of Rev. Robert O.Boyle of Philadelphia, Pa.b. They reside in York. Their issue:
            •    (8)Catherine Louise Hamme
            •    (8)David O. Hamme
        • (6)Sarah Ellen Hamme, b. York, January 19,1864 married September 17,1885, Jacob George Coleman, b. in Conewago Twp. ,son of Levi and Sarah (Kling) Coleman, July 23,1860. Died accidentally at Enola, Pa, August 4,1904. Their issue was:
          • (7)Luther Albert Coleman, b. Nov. 6,1886 in York. Married Elsie Lillian Richardson of Pocomoke City, Md. On March 12,1909. No issue.
          • (7)Mary Edith Coleman, b. in York July 1,1888, d. October 2,1896
          • (7)Helen Catherine Coleman, b. July 30,1892. Married December 12,1912 Daniel Edward Waltersdorf. They reside in York, No issue.
        • (6)Edward Hamme, b. December 25,1865, d. February 4,1900. He married

Page 14
[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]

          Bertha E. Strine. Both are buried in Green Mount Cemetery, York, Pa. Their issue was:
          •  (7)Paul Edward Hamme, he married. They reside in Erie,Pa
          •  (7)
        • (6)Emma Kate Hamme, B. in York, April 15,1867, d. in York, December 4,1909. She married Frederick Abraham Morey, son of Josiah Rudolph and (   ) Morey of Clinton Co., Pa. April 19,1894. Their issue:
          • (7)Frank Rudolph Morey, Ph.D. He was Superintendent of schools in Swarthmore, Pa. Their issue was:
            •   (8)
            •   (8)
        • (6)Charles Hamme, b. September 8,1868,d. January 23,1894
        • (6)Michael Hamme B.September 22,1870,d. Oct 16,1870
        • (6)Maggie (Magdalena)Hamme, b. May 6,1872. Married April 24,1906, Samuel Horace Gottwalt,  of Samuel and Mary (Spangler)Gotwalt, b.May 21,1867,d. March 6,1941. The resided at 334 e. King ST. York. He was a prescription druggist. Their issue was:
          •  (7)Samuel Alfred Gotwalt,b. Feb. 10,1907 in York
          •  (7)Milton Hamme Gottwalt, b. Feb. 11,1908
          •  (7)Richard Hamme Gotwalt, b. May 4,1911
      • (5) Michael Bentz, son of John and Magdalena (Blessing)Bentz, b. December 29,1830,d. April 20,1874 married Elizabeth Gross of Manchester, Pa, b.Oct. 12,1840,d. April 16,1871. Both are buried in Lutheran Cem, Manchester, Pa. Their issue was:
        •  (6)Mary Elizabeth Bentz,b. April 5,1864,d. April 26,1871
        •  (6)Emma Jane Bentz, b. March 4,1866,d. April 20,1871
        •  (6)Clara Bentz, lived in Little Rock, Ark where she married William Blair. They reside in Topeka, Kansas.
Page 15
[The John Bentz Descendants by J B Hamme, w/ editorial comments]
        •  (6)Michael Bentz,Jr., b.April 7,1871,d. July 26,1871
      • (5)John Bentz,Jr. son of John and Magdalena (Blessing)Bentz, married June 27,1859 to Elizabeth Rutledge, dau of        b. August 4,1839, d. May 15,1865. Both are buried in the Lutheran Cem., Manchester, Pa. Their issue was:
        •  (6)Annie Bentz. She married Augustus Schriver.
      • (5)John Bentz Jr. Married  second Mary Boyer Welty, dau of Jacob Welty. Their issue:
        •  (6)Maggie Bentz, b. November 7,1873, no issue

        • (6)George Otterbein Bentz, b. November 14,1881. He married Daisy Virginia Landis, b. May 12,1889. No issue."

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