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All of our patriots thus far encountered were Pennsylvanians, and all are relevant to the Swope and Allied Lines

See Map of the Colonies 1776

Amongst persons Within The Vines are several patriots. They served as Associators, in the Militia, in  Flying Camps, 
on Committees of Safety.

The Penna State Archives informs that "Associators were volunteers who comprised the Military Association, a civilian reserve designed to repel any invasion of Pennsylvania until the collapse of the Association in the winter of 1776-1777. The Pennsylvania Militia was organized under an Act of the Assembly of March 17, 1777 that required compulsory enrollment by constables of all able-bodied white males between the ages of 18 and 53 to repel invaders. The "Flying Camps" were special battalions of Pennsylvania Line troops recruited from the Pennsylvania Associators.Rangers were soldiers who served long periods of enlistment to protect the frontier against Indian incursions"

These pages are limited to the direct line ancestors of this writer who took up the cause of American liberty and when known. ,
Occasionally it includes cousins and in laws  ,  merited by historical importance [as in Colonel  Michael Swope]  or through inclusion in the company in which a direct ancestor also served. Patriots so far discovered are entirely limited to Pennsylvania, and are confined to York [including both York and now Adams County]  and Lancaster Counties.

German immigrants on the Pennsylvania frontier are credited with introducing Kentucky Rifles into the Revolutionary War. They were accurate up to 200 yards.   But Germans were not the only of our Pennsylvanian Associators nor Militia men. Our Scotch Irish were very willing to take up arms against the British.

This chapter, dedicated to our Patriots, includes:

To Our American Immigrants

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