An Introduction to the Swope and Howard Histories; 
General Overview of Both Houses forming the Basis of the Within the Vines Study

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Our American Immigrants are comprised of many surnames, but all ascend from one of two Root Surnames, 
That of Howard, and that of Swope. The Swope / Howard Union occured in Gettysburg, Adams Co., Penna in 1947.

The two Alpha Family Groups, including the Root Surname and its allied directly associated Surnames,
are both marked by general composite qualities within a specific and traceable general history. 

This is the gateway to those histories. 

Included in both of the alpha surname gateway pages are links to each surname involved in the allied group, from which links to the generational direct line study of each surname in specific can be found. 

To: Brief Howard & Allied Families Composite History and links to all surnames contained

To: Brief Swope & Allied Families Composite  History and links to all surnames contained

For those wishing to peruse the Surnames in Alternate form
see All Surnames and  all surnames in order of known precense in America

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