2nd Generation America STAIR: William Henry Stair.
[William Henry Stair is among Cynthia's most wanted]
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1 William Henry   STAIR1,10, 5

Birth: 3 Jan 18304, Penna [Penna according to sonís census entry 8]
Death: 22 Aug 18554  (Date 22 Aug 1855  makes sense based on conception date Annie [bef May 1868 ] and remarriage wife [after june 1855] )
Burial: Prospect Hill Cemetary, York, Pa4
Parents:  Unknown [See Discussion]
Alias: [ William Stair6] [ Henry Stair4 STAIRS of other lines evolved from  Stehr/Starr /Stohr /Stoehr  and Stare.
Spouse: Mary [Maria Elizabeth ] BENTZ [See her dedicated page for detail and sources regarding her] Marr: 13 /14 Oct 1853, St Johns Episcopal Church, York, York Penna by  Rev. C. W. Thompson 6

Children of William Henry STAIR and Mary [Maria Elizabeth] BENTZ [Surnamed STAIR]

Narrative: Children of William Henry STAIR and Mary [Maria Elizabeth] BENTZ [Surnamed STAIR] : 1.1 Edward Philip (E Philip/Edward P) STAIR11

Birth: 4 Jul 185412,8
Death: 25 Jul 19378
Bapt: 30 Aug 1854, Baptized7
Alias: E Philip Stair In The Census Listing Of 1910-Edward P In Handed Down Family Notes reliant on Kellar family bible5and 1920 census

Spouse # 1 [1st Wife] :  Anna  [Anne L.9] LUTTMAN,6,Also seen as Annie Sutton4

In 1910 census she is found as Annie L, substantiating but not proving a Luttman surname
Marr: 28 Oct 18806
2nd Spouse: Elizabeth Electa WURTZ6[found as Elizabeth STAIR in 1920 census]

Marr: Nov 12 1915
[[12/4/1915 [Application Date]   12/11/1915  [ Marriage Date] STAIR, EDWARD P. WURTS, ELIZABETH E.    29074 [Application #] [York County Archives]] ]

Children of Edward Philip STAIR and 1st Wife Anna LUTTMAN:

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Birth: 7 Mar 1856, York, York Co, Penna
Death: 5 Oct 1932, Gettysburg, Penna
Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg, Penna
Bapt: 11 Jul 1856, St Johns Episcopal Church, York, York, Pennsylvania
Alias: Annie K Swope In Census Listings/ called Nana by her grandchildren.
Spouse: Hon Samuel McCurdy SWOPE Marr: 1876, Gettysburg Presbyterian Or York St Johnís Episcopal [Probably the brideís church. Her uncle was organist at St johns, and her mother remarried in St Johnís in 1868. The bride was baptized there]


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1. Family Notes from DM Swope-research and interviews [DM was a toddler when grandmother Maria Elizabeth died, and an adult on  the death of Mary's dtr Lydia Stair Swope and Maria Elizabeth's  son in law, Samuel McCurdy Swope-"Annie" Stair Swope and Sam Swope were closely involved with their SWOPE grandchildren ]
2. ì1850 federal census,î "Mary E 16" living in home of father and mother under HOH Michael Bentz York Borough, South Ward for 1850 in the Federal 1850 census.
3. Laura Morrison, Sources apparant but link doesnít work, ìQuickel Descendants,î http://www.laura.morrison.net/pafg12.htm#1536, date only http://www.laura.morrison.net/pafg12.htm#1536. Laura is a frequent contributor to Quickel forums. Her site is extensive.
4,  Email correspondance from Jane [oliver1250@hotmail.com ] , researcher of Bentz line, relying on data from her grandmother citing generally research by John Bentz Hamme. It states within the text  ì To him we are indebted for this long and interesting family history.î . [Letter filed under Bentz Family in Reunion Folder in author's possesion. ] Janeís email [oliver1250@hotmail.com ] . Please note many comments through text indicate this research was done in about 1944 so, as approaches later generations, could indicate contact with then living progeny and relatives of those detailed in the text. In addition the original information shows living status for several entries born as late as the 1870s. The original work  then seems to be by John Bentz Hamme in entirity, and the Hamme lines might then be considered most secure. However, No source citations, are provided in source, and I found several minor errors in my direct lines, so Caveat Emptor.
First letter recíd before text in relation to info:
Hi Cynthia, Thanks for all your information. I am just beginning this. The information I have is taken from my Grandmother's  research, whom she states
was compiled by John Bentz Hamme. The line I am interested in is the Bentz line. Mary Elizabeth was a sister of my direct descendant. The information
Gram has is that Mary Married William Stair, b. Jan. 3,1830, d. Aug,22,1855. He is buried in Prospect Hill Cemetary, York, Pa. She lists only an Edward
Philip Stair b. July 4,1854, d. July 25,1937. He married Annie Sutton b. March, 26,1856, d. March 20,1912. He was a real estate dealer in York, Pa.
Their issue: D. Philip Stair, an attorney in York, William Stair and Hubert Stiar. As I said, I am interested in the Bentz line. Gram has information
back to John Bentz and Maria Magdelena. Would love to know what you have and would be glad to share. Thanks Jane
----- Original Message -----
From: <Alfonsa@aol.com>
To: <STAUCHistory@aol.com>; <oliver1250@hotmail.com>
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 12:08 AM
Subject: Re: William Stair

5. ìOld Family Bible (Keller Family Bible),î Info provided to DM Swope by Amy Swope Wing from source cited, "Mrs Keller of York", Unclear if Mrs Keller pertained to York County or York  [the town], York County, Penna
6. Email from Blake M. Stough   recíd 020202, reads:
I believe I may have corresponded with one or both of you at some point in time, but I am not sure. In any case, I hope we can help each other solve the mystery of William's ancestry.
I began researching the descendants of George Christopher Stoehr several years ago, and traced many lines of descent. In my research, I have come across this mysterious William Stair. While I have not connected William to my research, I live in York, PA and have easy access to records that can help us. Here is what I know.
William Henry Stair married Maria Elizabeth Bentz on 13 Oct 1853, as recorded in church records from St. John's Church in York, PA. The marriage is also recorded in the Democratic Press, 18 Oct. 1853, but this shows the date as 14 Oct 1853. Rev. C. W. Thompson was the man that married them.
William and Mary had a son, Edward Phillip Stair on 4 Jul 1854, and he was baptized on 30 Aug 1854.
Edward first married Anna Luttman on 28 Oct 1880. She died on 20 Mar 1912, but they had 4 children, Jeannie Louise (b. 3 Sep 1881), Edward Philip (b. 18 May 1883), William Stuart (b. 10 Mar 1885), and Hubert Luttman (b. 14 May 1889).
Edward's second wife was Elizabeth Electa Wurtz, marrying her on 12 Dec 1915.
Hubert was possibly married 3 times, but the first wife's name is unknown. The first marriage ended on 13 Dec 1915. His second wife was Margaret Marie Freed, the third was possibly Mary Wolf.
Now, I can narrow down who this William is if I knew a little more about him. Do we know when he was born and died? Do we know where he is buried? Do we know any siblings of him? How about his wife. Where was she from, and who were her parents? I am interested in any and all information that can help us figure this out.
Thanks for your time. Look at my info and see if you can add anything to it. I will probably be able to go to the library this week and do some research, so anything is useful.
Blake M. Stough
Researching Stough-Stauch-Stouch families originating in York County, Penna. Visit the Stough-Stauch-Stouch Genealogy and Family Resource Website at:
7. IGI:
Edward Philip STAIR
Sex:Ý M Event(s):
Christening:Ý 30 Aug 1854
Saint Johns Episcopal Church, York, York, Pennsylvania Parents:
Father:Ý William Henry STAIR
Mother:Ý Mary Eliz.
Source Information:
Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type
C506891 1785-1875 Q974.841 Y1 V2YR  Book 1002430  Film

8. Census of 1910 for York Borough, York Co., Penna
Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode
E Philip StairÝ Age: 55 State: PA
Color: W Enumeration District: 0126
Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0041
County:  York, York
Relation:  Head of Household
Other Residents: Wife Anne L 54, Pennsylvania
Son E Philip, Jr 26, Pennsylvania
Son Hubert 20, Pennsylvania
9.. Ibid. Anne L. Stair in 1910 census.

10. Report of Dtr Anna Kate [STAIR] Swope to her grandchildren

11. Gilbert Ernest Swope, The Swope Family 1676-1896, T.B. & H.B Cochran, Publishers, 1898;  page 123-124.
12. IGI Hit:
Ý Anna Kate STAIR
Sex:Ý F Event(s):
Christening:Ý 11 Jul 1856
Saint Johns Episcopal Church, York, York, Pennsylvania Parents:
Father:Ý William H. STAIR
Mother:Ý Mary E.
Source Information:
Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type
C506891 1785-1875 Q974.841 Y1 V2YR  Book 1002430
13. Census Entries, see same
14. Email in response to census assist for 1850 Stairs in York County from Ed Morril [Return-Path: <edmorrill@home.com>; "After the 15th I will be edmorrill@comcast.net."]

15. 1920 census, York, York Penna. HOH Edward P Stair. Roll T625_1669 page 2A, ED 133. Ancestry.com image 728.

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