Ahnentafel William the Conqueror to Charlemagne.  Page Three,  Generation Eight
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Eighth Generation

136 King Bernhard Of Italy ,King Of Italy.91,3,139  Born ca 0797.3,91 Died in St. Amrosius, Mailand-[Milan] Blinded By His Cousin And Died From Effects on 17 Aug 08183,14,140,141

Stevens/Southwork Database Shows: "Settipani's "La prehistoire des Capetiens". Weis' "Ancestral Roots. . ." (50:15). Bernard succeeded his father, PEPIN, as King of Italy in 812. Bernard's uncle, LOUIS THE PIOUS (RIN 1212), the sole surviving son of CHARLEMAGNE, became emporer in 814 upon CHARLEMAGNE's death. He made no provision for Bernard in the plan for succession after his own death as he had sons of his own. Bernard, feeling he had been slighted, revolted against LOUIS. LOUIS put down the revolt and had Bernard blinded. Bernard died from the effects of this act. The male-line descendants of Bernard settled down in the tenth century as fairly undistinguished counts of Parma and Sospiro and as slightly more distinguished counts of Vermandois, Valois, ans Vexin in France. Bernard's grandson, HERBERT I, COUNT OF VERMANDOIS (RIN 1291) is in his line of descent to us. HERBERT'S brother, PEPIN, became COUNT OF VALOIS."14

 King Bernhard of Italy married Kunigunda (AKA Cunegonde)3,14,91.3

137 Kunigunda or Cunegonde.3,14,91  Died on 15 Jun 0835.91

142 Gerard (Gerald Of Paris) Count Of Paris DE ROUSILLON.3,142  Born abt 0790.142 Died 877/aft 0871143,142 Acceded: BEF 840.3 Alias/AKA:  Gerald Of Paris, Count Of Paris.144 Count of Vienne.3

Gerard (Gerald Of Paris) Count Of Paris married Bertha Of Tours**3,142.

143 Bertha Of Tours.3,142  Born abt 0790.142

176 Ingelger of Anjou [Ingelger,Ct of Anjou)] [Ingelgerius].145,146,147 Died in 0888.14 AKA:  Ingelgerius//Ingelger (C of Anjou).148,149

Ingelger of Anjou [Ingelger,Ct of Anjou)] [Ingelgerius] married Adelais [Adelaide of Gastinais]150,151.

177 Adelais [Adelaide of Gastinais].150,151

Stevens/Southworth Data Base says
"Stuart's "Royalty for Commoners," (167:38).
A niece of Abelard, Archbishop of Tours. "14

178 Warnhar Seigneur de Loches.152

Warnhar Seigneur de Loches married Tescenda**153.

179 Tescenda.153

184 same as ahnentafel number 34

185 same as ahnentafel number 35

186 King Robert I ,  Of France.91,154,3  Born in 0866.91 Died on 15 Jun 0923; he was 57.155,156 Acceded: 922.3 AKA: Robert I Count Of Paris.157

King Robert I married Adela / Aelis 158,159, his First Wife [ES].

187 Adela / Aelis.158,159  Alias/AKA: AELIS D'ALSACE//Alice.

"Heribert II de Vermandois (d.943) m. before 907 Hildebrante [aka Adela aka Liegarde] dau. of Robert I (d.923) king of France by his first wife Aelis. Robert I's second wife (m. about 890) was Beatrix de Vermandois, paternal aunt of Hildebrante/Adela, that is dau. of Heribert I de Vermandois. Aelis' identity is unknown. Source: ES II:10, III/1:49128"129

188 Manasses, Count of Autun [Manasses, Count of Chalon].160,161  Died in 0919.14

Stevens/Southwork Data Base

ES ii, 189 [rev. in iii(1)], shows Ermengarde's husband, Giselbert, Duke of
Burgundy, as son of Manasses, as son of an unnamed daughter of Buvinus,
Count of Metz.
Stuart's "Royalty for Commoners" (258:38), calls him Count of
Chalons-sur -Seine, of Vergy, Auxonne, Dijon, and Baune. " 14

Manasses, Count of Autun [Manasses, Count of Chalon] married Ermengard [Ermengard of Provence]162,14.

189 Ermengard [Ermengard of Provence].162,14

Stevens/Southwork Data Base:
This generation and the following one, which link BOSO, COUNT OF VIENNE (RIN 2137) with GERBERGA, wife of FULK II, COUNT OF ANJOU (RIN 1248) are from an essay by Bernard S. Bachrach on the orgins of the countess Gerberga included in his 1995 collection, "Studies in Early Angevin History".
Stuart's "Royalty for Commoners" (258:38) identifies the wife of MANASSES and mother of GISELBERT as "Ermengarde, princess of
Burgundy; d. 12 Apr 935; prob. dau. of BOSO, KING OF BURGUNDY [sic. KING OF PROVENCE (RIN 2137)]." Settipani's "La prehistoire des Capetiens" identifies her father as this same BOSO (RIN 2137).
Matman posted to soc.genealogy.medieval on 20 May 1997 (in part):
Subject: Re: Wife of Manassas I, C. of Chalon
"Giselbert appears with his mother Ermengarde (I) in a charter of 924.
I don't think she died in 935, but she was dead by then. Some of the
confusion undoubtedly comes from the fact that GISELBERTs wife was
also called ERMENGARDE (II) in a charter of 942, which also names their
daughter ADELAIDE. No document or source says who the fathers of these
different Ermengarde's were. But some have speculated that the name
Ermengarde was introduced into these families by the marriage of BOSO
to ERMENGARDE OF ITALY [RIN 2138] (dau. of LOUIS II [RIN 2139], whose
mum was ERMENGARDE d.851). Thus some see Ermengarde (I) as a dau of
BOSO OF PROVENCE (d.887), therefore grand-dau of BUVINUS COUNT OF
METZ [RIN 4258] (and I think this theory can be found somewhere in the
A old view was that Ermengarde (II) was the daughter of RICHARD THE
JUSTICIAR [RIN 1238] (d.921) brother of BOSO: this was followed by
Mckitterick in her book on the Carolingians (1983). But there have been
other theories as well. The ES is not much help on this as it tends to
plonk the various (often contradictory) theories down in different
volumes, without any explanation. I wonder what Settipani says?
I think some have noted that there is yet another Ermengarde (III) who
appears as the first wife of Leotold of Macon and Besancon in the charter
of 935 (Cluny 432): she was a daughter of Manasses I and sister of
GISELBERT (C.Bouchard 'Sword and Mitre')." "14

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