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York Co was  formed 1749 from Lancaster Co In 1800 Adams was formed from York. 
  • Manchester Twp was  formed from Lancaster in 1740 .
    • West Manchester formed from Manchester in 1799 .
    • East Manchester formed 1887 from Manchester
  • Dover twp formed 1745 as part of Lancaster
    • Conewago formed 1818 from DOVER
  • NEWBERRY formed 1747 as part of Lancaster. Fairview was created from Newberry in 1803.
  • York Twp was    formed 1745 as part of Lancaster. 
    • Windsor was created from it in 1758. Part of Spring Garden was created from it in 1821 and that was later formed into  Springettsbury in 1891. 

1. Johannes [John] Bentz (1707-1778): 
  Bought land West Manchester 1749, AND was žof Dover ž at time of purchase
  and žof DoverÓ at time of sale (1770)



4. Mary Elizabeth Bentz Stair Leber aaaaaaaa(1834-1916:) 
lived in York Borough till end of life, died in Gettysburg, Adams County
after death of 2nd husband and at home of daughter Anna Kate.
Her 1st Husband William Henry Stair was born place unknown. 
2nd Husband Reuben Leber  baptized 
lower Windsor [where his father is clearly ennumerated 1850 census] 
For More information on Township Formation see York County Tsp Formation
2. Peter Bentz (1758-1823) : 
       lived in Newberry žthat part which became  ConewagoÓ[Newberry wasformed 1747 from Lancaster and Conewago from Dover in 1818] Some of his acquired land involved Dover. 
Buried Quickel's Cemetery, 
Conewago Twp
His Wife
Anna Maria"Mary"  HUMICKHAUSEN
(1761-1842)  žof ManchesterÓ 
Buried Quickel's Cemetery, 
Conewago Twp

[See York town's  History & Our
Forebears there] for entries on all
York Town, York Co, Penna residents direct to writer

3. Michael Bentz (1790-1856/8) : 
 lived in York Borough from 1823 
[ at least] to end of life
Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, 
York Co., Penna
Wife Annie Quickel  (1802-1808)
      born Manchester, 
    baptised Conewago
Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, 
York Co., Penna


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