Letter of Administration granted to John Swope, son of Yost Swope, 29 January 1727

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Morse and McLachlan maintain this record proves the [reinternment] gravestone of Yost Swope incorrect.
Our John Swope son of Yost had as a first wife Dorothea Line. He resided in Chester County prior to its formation into Lancaster County.
Note, too, t he Jacob LEIN witness herein who may be  the son of John Lein, Dorothea's brother

Letter of Administration granted to John Swoap, son of Jost Stwope, 29 January 17271

Know all man, by these present: That, we, John Swoap, Jacob Lynne, and Casper Loughman and all of ye county of Chester, yeoman are held and firmly bound unto Potters Evans, Reg'str Gen'al for the Province of Pennsylvania, in the sum of Eighty pounds current money, of the s'd Province. To be paid to ye said, Reg'str Gen'rl, his certain Att'y G. Excell'y, Admis, or Assigns, to which ye may in it well and truly, do be maid, we will bind ourselves our hands and hearts, Ex. G. Adm'Ex and jury of them in the whole and for the whole and solemnly and firmly by these presents, Sealed vith our own seal, and dated the twenty-ninth of January Anno-Domini 1727.
The condition of this Obligation is sutch, yt, if the above bond an John Swope (Jost Schwab) admits of all and singular and if chatles and Creditts of John Swope, deceased to make or cause to be made a true and perfect grant of  all and singular goods, chattels and creditts, of ye s'd possessed which have or shall come to ye hands, possession or knowledge of him, the said John Swope or to the hands or possession of any others, a son or sons, the Sons to make an exhibit or causeth, an exhibit to be made. Ye, Reg. Ex-Gen'rl's Office at Chester on or before the twenty-seventh day of March, next ensuing, and the same goods and chattels and credits of the possessions at ye time of his death or which any time after, shall come to ye hands or possession of any other of son or sons for him. Do well and truly admit aocording to Law and find I do make or cause to be made a true and just account of this s'd advent, at or before the tenth day of March, which will be in ye year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and twenty eight and all of the rest and Residue of other said chattels and Creditts which shall be found remaining on ye said administratrix, ye have being first examined and allowed of by the Orphan's Court for the County of Chester shall be valid and pay unto sutch possessor or possessors Respectively, or as the said Court by its voice or sentence pronounceth the Law shall limit and appoint, and if it shall appease that any last will and Testament was made by the Defendent and the Executor therein named as Exhibitt-: to ye Register Esquire, for the said County, stating request to have the it, allowed and proved of accordingly if the said John Swoap being thereinto requested no lands and holdings up the said. Lastly of adminis'tr a probation of sutch testament being just had and made at the s'd Office, then this obligation to be rayd, I or else to stand and remain in full force and virtue in law.
Sealed and Signed in the presence of:

Johannes Schwab
Casper Loughman
Hugh Lowe
Jos. Lowe
Jacob L Lein

1. Transcribed from  Emily Swope Morse and Winifred Morse McLachlan, "The Swope Family Book of Remembrance", pub.1972. 1397 pp.  Self published in  300 limited editions.  Vol.II, page 1307.