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THE WILL OF George Michael SWOPE: Written 1 March 1758; Proved 20 May 1758

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I George Michael Swob of the Borough of Lancaster in the County of Lancaster Potter being very sik and weak of Body but of perfect mind Memory and Understanding Thanks be given unto God therefor calling unto Mind the Mortality of my Body ard knowing that is is appointed for all Men once to dye do make and ordain This my last Will and Testament that is to say Principal and first of all I give & recommend my Soul in the Hands of God that gave it and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be buryed in a Christian like and decent Manner at the Discreation of my Executors nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection shall receive the saet by the Mighty power of God and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this Life I gave and devoise of the same in the following manner & form. It is my Will and I do order that in the first place all my just Debts and funeral charges shall be paid and satisfyed Item It is my Will that my Executors hereafter named shall sell and dispose the house and Lott whereon I now live of the see occassion and to pay off my Debts and upon Sale thereof to give a good and lawful Deed for the same as good as I myselfe might or could do when I where personaly presents Item It is my will that my Executors shall sell the Ten acres of Land near Reding town in the County of Bercks out of which Sum raised of said Sale their shall be paid and discharged a certain Bond due to my Father John Swob Item it is my will that after all Debts is paid the Reminder of my Estate real and personal shall be equally divided among my beloved Wife Catrina and my Daughter Catrina and my Son George Swob in Share and Share alike Item I will that my wife Catrina shall raise up my children in the Fear of God and to learn them read and write, for which she shall have the use of my House and Lott in Queen Street in Lancaster, and that she shall keep the House and Lot in good repair durring the Term Dill my Son George is able to take the same in possession Item I gave and devoise the said House and Lott to my said Son Georg his Heirs and assigns , and that my Executors shall praise the said House and Lott any Time when the thinks proper or chuse two other to praise the same, & after tacking possession of the House & Lot by my said Son then I will that he shall pay out of the same the Sum and Shares belonging to my Wife and my Daughter by yearly payments he is able to pay and Lastly I nominate macke & appoint my beloved Father John Swob and trusted frind John Greff Executors to this my last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannull all and every other Wills Lagasies and Executors by me at any time before this Time named willed and bequeathed sattifying and confirming this and no others to be my last Will and Testament IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the first Day of March in the Year of our Lord Anno Domini l758, George Michael Swob
Witnesses: Martin Offner, Carl Snyder, Abra. Myer
Will proved: 20 May 1758