Adams County, Penna, General  Historical Images 1808-1910
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This page is linked from Adams County History and Our Adams Countians. It gives a few images of Adams County, Gettysburg in particular, over the period of time from its near founding up to 1910.

For a worthy text history of Adams County, see  Adams County Bicentennial Tidbits from the Adams County Bicentennial Committee.

In this page are images or links to images involving:



All of our families of Adams County eventually were present by generation in Evergreen Cemetery. This image is of Evergreen Cemetery at the time of the battle [it was a very new cememtery then, being formed in 1854 just 9 years before the battle ] Image by Gardner, Alexander, 1821-1882, and present in the Library of Congress. From Civil War Treasures of the New York Historical Society.


See The 1842 Aereal Trip of John H. M'Clellan, Esq from Gettysburg 

Excursion to Gettysburg from Emergence of Advertising in America, 1850-1920: Selections from the Collections of Duke University in the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress

Below are two maps of our area of Gettysburg at the time of the battle, one of which is presented with two views. Both are from the Library of Congress and are zzoomable at source.  The first is more general, the second offers a close up detailing homes or future sites of homes of our ancestors.
The first:

Map of the Gettysburg Battlefield [this is a closeup of a zoomable image from the "american memory" collection of the Library of Congress.

These closeups , show the "Meals Estate" very near to the childhood home of the writer and at the northern region of Gettysburg, near Howard Ave and at the intersection of Mummasburg Road north of the now present tennis courts and playing fields by a margin.  Next to it is the area encompassed by Broadway in Gettysburg [Home of our later Swope family] and how it pertained to the battle occuring before their residence at this locale. [Broadway was not settled until after the war and its land encompassed an area of active battle in the first day of Gettysburg's three day  battle] This then shows the map of Gabriel Meals parents home at the time of the battle, and his descendant Swope future home site very near the Meals farm locale.


The Centinal - Extra - February 26, 1812. Commissioners'-Office. Adams County, Pennsylvania. Agreeably to an act of assembly entitled. "An act to raise county rates and levies." requiring the commissioner of the respective counties to publish a statement of the receipts and expenditures, yearly ... [Gettysburg, 1812].


These are from the American History Collection of the Lib of Congress. The links yield to a too large to read version. To see these documents best, go to main search engine for site, and type in keywords "jefferson" and  "Gettysburg"  for their letter to him / and "Adams County" "Pennsylvania" for his response

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Citizens to Thomas Jefferson, February 15, 1808, Address
From American Memory Collection of The Library of Congress.
Thomas Jefferson Papers Series 1. General Correspondence. 1651-1827.
Image 1070 of 1330

Thomas Jefferson to Adams County, Pennsylvania, Democratic Citizens, March 20, 1808
From American Memory Collection of The Library of Congress.
Thomas Jefferson Papers Series 1. General Correspondence. 1651-1827
Image 668 of 1370