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17th Century Jamestown, Virginia

The Howard Connection to Jamestown
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1624 census Jamestown
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The counties pertinent to our later Virginians 
"And to the end that you be not surprired as the French were in Florida by Melindus, and the Spaniard in the same place by the French, you shall do well to make this double provision. First, erect a little stoure at the mouth of the river that may lodge some ten men; with whom you shall leave a light boat, that when any fleet shall be in sight, they may come with speed to give you warning. Secondly, you must in no case suffer any of the native people of the country to inhabit between you and the sea coast; for you cannot carry yourselves so towards them, but they will grow discontented with your habitation, and be ready to guide and assist any nation that shall come to invade you; and if you neglect this, you neglect your safety. "  Instructions for the Virginia Colony (1606)
John Smith's Map of Virginia
"Virginia / discovered and discribed by Captayn John Smith, 1606; graven by William Hole."
London, 1624. Map Collections: 1544-1999, American Memory collections, Library of Congress.