WILL OF JOHN HOKE (York County Will book; made 22 Oct 1781, proved 14 Nov 1781.)
John Hoke married Maria Sabina SWOPE, and he and his wife are not direct to this writer. Sabina SWOPE who married John HOKE is a daughter of Johannes SWOPE and his second wife Elizabeth GROVE.
However, John Hoke's  will names brothers Peter and Andrew, his wife "Sabina" , his father "Jacob"  and children at time of its writing being Henry, Frederick, Sabina, Daniel, John and George Hoke .
Andrew, the "loving brother'  mentioned in this will , and Andrew and John's probable sister Maria Clara "Gloria" [who is not mentioned]  are both direct to us.


THE NAME OF GOD, Amene. John Hoke of Manchester Township in the County of York in Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being sick and weak of Body, but of sound disposing mind and memory, do make, ordain and publish this my last Will and Testament in the following manner. First, i commit my soul into the Hands of Almighty God who gave, and my Body to be Buried, in a Christian and decent like manner, at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named, and as touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased Gode to Bless me with, I give and bequeath the same ln the following Manner.

First, My Will is, and I do Order that all my just Debts and Funeral Charges be first paid and Satisfied. Item - I give a wife and Bequeath unto my Dearly beloved Wife Sabina my Bed, Bedstead, Bed Clothes, and all thereto belonging, therein I now lie all my Linen Cloth, a Chest, two cows, the pick and Choice of all my Stock, my Riding Mare, all my pewter Ware, my iron Washing Kettle, an Iron pott, a frying pann; one skillet, a large Washing Tubb a piggen and one pail, my Tea Kettle, and Tea Equipage, my walnut Table, my chair, etc. Benches, an Iron Ladle, a Skimors and Flesh folk. To holde to her my said Wife her Heirs & Assigns.-

Item, I give and Bequeath unto my Wife Sabina, the sum of Two Hundred pounds Specie, to be paid her immediately, by my Executors or the Survivors of them, as he or they shall obtain it out of my Estate, over and above her Dower Rights. Item, I also give and bequeath unto my said Wife, Two Ton or Hay, Sixty Bushels of Wheat, Twenty Bushels of Rye, Thirty Bushels or Corn, Fifty Bushels of Oats, Four Hoggs now fat'ning, and one Beef Cow, and I do order that my said Wife do maintain and Support my Children, until he or they and each of them do arrive to the age of Fourteen Years and I do order that none of my Beds, and my Books shall be Sold but that they be kept entirely, for the Wife or my Children, Share and Share alike. Item, I do order that my Executors or the Survivors of them, do make, and Assure unto my Brother Peter Hoke, and to his Heirs Etc. Assign forever in Fee Simple, all that them the rollowing described Three Tracts of Land Viz. Two Tracts Containing in the whole One Hundred and Thirty Seven Acres and an half an Acre, more or Less with the Buildings and Improvements thereon Erected ande made, situate lying and being in Manchester Township in the County of York aforesaid, adjoining to each others, and to others. Lands of his own, whereon he now Livieth, and being the same which was conveyed to me by my late Father Jacob Hoke. The others and last Tract, Containing One Hundred Acres more or less, adjoining the aforementioned Two Tracts, it being the same Which I purchased from my Brother Andrew Hoke. The Three Tracts Containing in the whole, Two Hundred and Thirty Acres and one half Acre, more or less. - Item, I do order my Executors or the Survivers of them to Sell my now Dwelling plantation, either by publick or private Sale, as he or they shall think most proper ande Convenient, and the Money therefrom arising, Shall be divided amongst my Children. To wit, Henry, Frederick, Sabina, Daniel, John and George Hoke, share and share alike, always to begin the payments with the eldest Child first and And continue until the youngest child be paid in Six equal payments. And whereas, I have not yet, obtained any right, or conveyance from my brother Peter Hoke for my now Dwelling plantation, I do therefore hereby order and direct, that my Executors or the Survivors of them, do make my said Brother Peter Hoke or his Heirs, Executors, or Administrators, in Fee Simple and clear and free, against him and his Heirs forever hereafter which being in Lieu of and for the before mentioned Three Tracks of Land which I order & direct my Executors or the Survivors of them to convey to him, having heretofore made an Equal Exchange for the same.

Item, I do order that all my Personal Estate which is not already Bequeathed, shall be sold by my Executors or the Survivors of them by publick vender, and the Money herefrom arising shall be Equally divided amongst all my Children share and share alike. And Iastly I do hereby Nominate and appoint my loving Brother Andrew Hoke, and my Brother in Law George Rudy Executors of this my last Will & Testament. And I do hereby revoke Disanull and make Void all other and former Wills by me heretofore made, Ratifying allowing and holding this for firm and Effectual. In Witness whereof I the said John Hoke, the Testator, have hereunto set my Hand and Seal, this Twenty Second day of October In the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty One. - Johannes Hoke
Witnesses: Mathias}
(German Script illegible)
Geo. Lewis Lefler}

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