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Swope Ascendancy in Image :

Photos include persons surnamed Swope, Reinecke, Stair, Meals, Bentz,  Slentz, McCurdy
and involve photos of ancestors born as early as the 1830s and in direct line to writer

Howard Ascendancy in Image:

Includes persons surnamed Howard, Williamson, McGehee, and Cofield
and involve photos of  ancestors born as early as 1818-1825 and in direct line to writer




The Swope Ascendancy in Image

Pictures of:
James Donald SWOPE and Hazel Ruth REINECKE through the span of their lives
James Donald's parents:
Samuel McCurdy SWOPE and Anna Kate STAIR , and all their children as adults with them
Anna Kate Stair's Mother:
Maria Elizabeth [nee Bentz] Stair Leber as an old woman
Samuel McCurdy Swope's mother:
Nancy Moore [nee McCurdy] Swope as an old woman
Parents of Hazel Ruth [nee Reinecke] Swope [Mrs James Donald Swope] :
Ella Blanche MEALS [1859-1937]  and Otto Charles Luis REINECKE [1851-1928]
The parents of both Ella Blanche Meals and Otto Charles Luis Reinecke:
Henrietta Louisa SLENTZ and Frederick Gabriel MEALS
Elise SHULTZ and Col. Wilhelm REINECKE

James Donald Swope [1881-1950] and his wife Hazel Ruth Reinecke [1888-1985]





James Donald Swope Hazel Ruth Reinecke ca 1896
and Hazel Ruth "Billie" [nee Reinecke] Swope 1950s


Hazel Ruth Reinecke ca 1896


Hazel Ruth Reinecke ca 1910


The Parents of James Donald Swope:

Samuel McCurdy SWOPE  [1850-1931] and his wife Anna Kate STAIR [1856-1932]

Includes his mother [Nancy Moore (nee McCurdy) Swope and
his wife's mother [Maria Elizabeth "Mary" (nee Bentz) Stair Leber].
See also the Group Photo of  Sam and Anna with their three surviving children and those children's spouses and own children.
James Donald Swope's Parents :
Anna Kate STAIR and Donald McCurdy SWOPE at age of marriage
Anna Kate Stair Swope later years:  Samuel McCurdy Swope 
Anna Kate [nee Stair]  Swope's mother: 
Maria Elizabeth ýMaryţ [nee Bentz] Stair Leber
[ca 1895-1900]
Samuel McCurdy Swope's Mother:
Nancy Moore [nee McCurdy] Swope ca 1902

Samuel McCurdy and Anna Kate with their Children and their spouses [Mary Stair Swope, Amy McCurdy Swope and James Donald Swope] and Grandchildren taken at the home of James Donald and Ruth SWOPE in ca 1924 [Gettysburg, Adams County, Pa] 
ca 1924 at the home of their son James Donald Swope on Broadway, Gettysburg,, Penna.
Back Row: Mary Stair [nee Swope] Keith and her husband John DeKalb Keith, Mrs Keith [John's mother], Steve Remmington Wing, Ruth [nee Reinecke] Swope, Hon Samuel McCurdy Swope, James Donald Swope [Ruth's husband]
Middle Row: Child  holding her mother's hand [she was the only surviving of twins], seated is Amy McCurdy Swope Wing with her daughter, and next to her, sitting is Anna Kate [nee Stair] Swope
In the front row are the remainder of the grandchildren surnamed Swope, Wing and Keith .I believe the dog's name was Tilley. 


Swope Ascendancy in Image Continued:
Parents of Hazel Ruth [nee Reinecke] Swope [Mrs James Donald Swope] :
Ella Blanche MEALS [1859-1937]  and Otto Charles Luis REINECKE [1851-1928].
The parents of both Ella Blanche Meals and Otto Charles Luis Reinecke:
Henrietta Louisa SLENTZ and Frederick Gabriel MEALS
Elise SHULTZ and Col. Wilhelm REINECKE

Ella Blanche [nee Meals] Reinecke: 
ca 1867; ca 1877 and ca 1929
Otto Louis Charles Reinecke and his wife [ Ella Blanche [nee Meals] and their Family ca 1894 [one daughter was not yet born, one had already died. Ruth is the girl in the middle] 
Parents of Ella Blanche Meals Reinecke 
Henrietta Louisa SLENTZ & Frederick Gabriel MEALS: 
 ca mid 1890s
[Both of long lines from Adams County, Pennsylvania]

Mother to Ella Blanche [Meals] Reinecke

Dad to Ella Blanche [Meals] Reinecke
Parents of Otto Charles Luis REINECKE: 
Elise SHULTZ and Col. Wilhelm REINECKE 
ca 1860s, Germany
[this couple resided Germany]]

The Howard and Allied Ancestor Photos:

Benjamin Patterson Howard ,  his sisters and his wife Sarah Williamson
Ben's parents:
Jonathan Patterson "Pat" Howard and wife Frances Beatrice McGehee
Ben's Paternal Grandfather:
David Patterson Howard
Ben's Maternaal Grandmother:
Sarah Frances Cofield

Benjamin Patterson Howard

To Left: Ben and his sisters ca 1894.  To Right: Ben  and his wife ca 1925.

These three children were orphaned about 5 years after this photo was taken. They are Benjamin Patterson Howard and to his right, his sister Frances Beatrice Howard and to her right sister Mamie Hazel Howard. Their parents would both die in 1896,   from appendicitis and  pneumonia. The children were then sent  first to their grandparents HOWARD in Henderson, Texas, and from there, to various McGehee households [their mother's siblings] in Alabama and Georgia.  They rotated from home to home, and never again lived together under one roof.  In 1919 Ben went north to NYC, where he met his bride, the recent Irish Immigrant Sarah Williamson. He never returned south, although his sister Bea visited him there. 
Benjamin Patterson Howard ca 1927 and his bride, Sarah Williamson. Taken NYC, 1920s. 
Parents of Benjamin Patterson Howard:
Frances Beatrice McGEHEE and James Patterson HOWARD
Frances Beatrice McGehee Jonathan Patterson "Pat" Howard
The Photo to the right--> 
is either of 
Jonathan Patterson "Pat" Howard's father 
named David Patterson Howard 
OR Pat's  uncle 
named James Logan "Logan" Howard. 
Dave and Logan Howard resided together & engaged in business in Henderson, Texas. Logan never married, while Dave and his wife Martha Ann Fowler had many children.


Below: mother of Frances Beatrice [nee McGehee] Howard: 

Sarah Frances [nee Cofield]  McGehee . 
Photo scan gratefully obtained from Martha Cofield, Online Correspondant involved in the Cofield ascendancy and its research.