Boyd's Company, McCurdy Relevant

In the spring of 1781, as soon as his first enlistment was up, Stephen re-enlisted to serve as a private and then a corporal in Captain John Boyd's company of
Rangers attached to General Patters Brigade, in Bedford Colony, Pennsylvania, known as the "Bedford Rangers." The Rangers consisted of Captain John
Boyd; Lieutenant Richard Johnston; Sergeants Robert Aitkens, Henry Dugan, Florence Grimes, William Ward, and David Beates; and 37 privates, of which
Stephen Goble was one. On June 3, 1781 Stephen was in the Battle of Frankstown, Blair County, Pennsylvania. While marching across the Allegheny
Mountains, Captain Boyd and his men were ambushed by Indians near the headwaters of the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River. This was a
bloody battle with a large party of Indians, about 3 miles from Frankstown. There were eight rangers under Captain Boyd, and twenty-five Cumberland militia
volunteers under Captain Moore, engaged in the battle. Five men were wounded and eight were killed and scalped by the Indians. Captains Boyd, Moore, and
Dunlap were all taken prisoner. Captain Boyd made a desperate effort to escape in spite of wounds he received in the battle. He was pursued, and
received three terrible gashes in his head with a tomahawk and was recaptured. Stephen was wounded in his right arm by a bullet in this battle, and in
another unnamed battle he was shot through the left arm and shoulder.

Murdoch Kendrick
                          The ancestors of Murdoch Kendrick, of the Philadelphia bar, were among the early German settlers
                          in the Conestoga and Pequea valleys of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, long prior to the
                          Revolution, and many members of the Kendrick family took an active part in that struggle. Henry
                          Kendrick, who had a mill and a large tract of land on the Pequea creek in Martick township, was
                          captain of a company in the First battalion of Lancaster county militia, COLONEL JOHN BOYD,
                          which was called into active service in May, 1777, and George, Martin, Isaac, and Henry Kendrick,
                          Jr.,were members of the same battalion.