Dr William Jefferson [W G?] McGehee

[Under research as Father to Jabus Everett "Jabe McGehee who married Sarah Frances "Frances" Cofield ]

[This family is Presented only as this family is under consideration for birth family for Jabus Everett "Jabe" McGehee, and this is a step up into that possible birth family. The Ascendancy of William Jefferson McGehee is available through the Swope Family Tree which is the bulwark of these pages,  but Dr McGehee  is not shown as his secure birth family to our Known Jabe within that tree]

What was told to a young Doris Diggs Osborne  [Great Grandaughter of Jabe McGehee]  by her Great Aunts, his daughters, is that Jabe lost his arm for the South in the Battle of 7 Pines in Virginia, that he had been an artist but was forced to photography as a result of his war wounds and his wife assisted him, being considered the better photographer by some of the family,  and that Jabe had a photography studio in Opelika Alabama which business his wife continued on his death . What was also told is that Jabe's  father was a Physician in Alabama, and that Jabe's father planned for him to be sent to Europe to study art, but that these dreams were interrupted by the civil war.  Based on the above, I was able to determine much of Jabe, his civil war service, his place of birth in the pension record, and the activity of his business in Opelika, Alabama in which his wife played a prominent part.  The following is information on the family I am actively pursuing as  Jabe's possible birth family s  and includes a descendant report from the possible family's previous generations
Doris answered, when asked where the physician practised that he "Practiced probably in Hawkinsville or Perry Georgia, I guessî The following family under consideration presents both facts which seem to dispute its merit and positive facts related to the ascendancy seeming to reinforce it.

Please note all entries on this page  are fully sourced in the Swope Family Tree  and the line and sources thus can be more fully considered in the tree itself.

In the following it is important to acknowledge that Booker, America married Mcgehee, William J. on 02 Jan 1827 in Wilkes County, Georgia

Census Record establishing a possible Birth family, and the results of research on those named:

Head of Household:  MCGEHEE, W. G.?, Macon County, page 273; W. G., 48, Physician, Born GA;
Annmarie?, 40, born GA; [The name is very hard to read and must be considered in question. However it looks more like Annmarie than America]
  L______ (m), 25, born GA;
  Elizabeth, 19, born GA;
  James, 17, born GA;
  Cornealia, 15, born GA;
  Jabez?, 13, born AL;
  Henry, 10, born AL;
  Louisa, 7, born AL;
  Wesley, 6, born AL
  Sarah, 4, born AL
[This group can also be  found in Genforum Alabama Index Image page 1226 (Roll 9 page 273 enumerated 26th Oct 1850)]

This family presents a few problems when studying the census and considering our Jabe's inclusion as the Jabez mentioned but also presents some tantalizing similarities:

Negative Facts causing Question of this as Birth Family for our Jabe:
-The female eldest entry is hard to read and looks like annmarie, and not alot like America
-The years of births for the children do not correspond indisputably with the 1827 marriage date [the date found for the marriage of America Booker to William McGehee] but is certainly not too long.  First after the Head of Household and his wife  is a not further identified L----- , and this L------ could be a brother to the eldest male entry [the Head of Household] , but if a son is born two years before the marriage. Even allowing for the possibility that L---- in the census is a relative to the Head of Household but not his son,  then  the eldest child is Elizabeth born ca 1830/1. Elizabeth though can not be excluded as a possible  wife to the entry in the census shown only as  L-------, and this possibility serves to further muddy the waters.
-Jabez, son in the census above, was 13 in 1850 and so born ca 1836/7 per that source and  is in dispute with the known birthdate of 16 Oct 1838 for our known ancestor Jabe McGehee, but the census can be in error and so can not be discounted. Likewise the birthplace is in error, or Jabe himself was in error when naming his birthplace in his CW pension application. His elder siblings, if this is his family,  were all born Georgia, but the family moved to Alabama. His Pension states he was born Georgia and the town appears to be Ruckenville, but is very hard to read.  Ruckenville in this curly cue script of the scribe, might in a distant chance be Hawkinsville. Whether the state lines have changed between Ga and Ala for this town is unknown to me, and I am trying to determine if Hawkinsville ever did pertain to Ala.

Promising Considerations of this as Birth Family for our Jabe:
-If America is the eldest female and Jabeís mother, she had a brother named Jabez which allows continuity for Jabeís name. The Parents of America Booker are known to be R Booker, Esq [he appears as Richmon / Richmond  [Richardson (Richeson)] BOOKER , Esq, and  Booker, Richardson, has a will writen, proved date Nov, 18, 1853; Nov. 21, 1853. ] His wife, and America's mother,  was Esther [Easter] SIMPSON died after her husband.
-This census entry as birth family to our Jabe  would also explain Jabeís use of the name America for one of his daughters, his first born child ìEleanor America McGheeî .
-The name William [The name of Dr McGehee] is revealed in our Jabe's family with his second born son John William McGehee, mimicking the choice of second name commemorating a parent of the father, just as in Eleanor America McGehee above.
-Cornealia,  sister to the Jabez found in the considered census,  may also have been the source for the name given to Jabe's fourth daughter: Cornelia ìNealieî McGehee.

Research on Dr William Jefferson McGehee reveals further on his ascendancy  and is available in the Swope Tree I am here starting with his cited father and mother and their progeny, amongst which is he.  Further ascendancy under research for the headwaters here is viewable in the tree itself.

Samuel McGEHEE
  b. 28 Feb 1766, Louisa County, Virginia
  d. 4 Aug 1833, Meriwether County, Georgia
&  Nancy TATE
  b. 29 Jul 1769, Louisa County, Virginia
  d. 1824
  m. 5 Feb 1789, Louisa County, Virginia
| Patsy Durkee McGEHEE
|   d. 1802
| Lucy McGEHEE
|   b. 1791
|   d. 1871
| & Charles HUDSON
|   b. 1794
|   d. 1817
| Louisa Cole McGEHEE
|   b. 1794
|   d. 1856
| Elizabeth McGEHEE
|   b. 1796
|   d. 1871
| Mary McGEHEE
|   b. 1798
|   d. 1866
| Nancy Tate McGEHEE
|   b. 1800
|   d. 1864
| Dr W. G. [W G?in census] [William Jefferson] McGEHEE
|   b. 5 Nov 1802, Elbert County, Georgia
|   d. 1864, Macon County, Alabama
| & Annmarie?  {America Booker?}
|   b. abt 1810, Georgia [by census]//1839 in Macon County, Alabama
|   m. 2 Jan 1827, in Wilkes County, Georgia ? I
       [again note: Booker, America married Mcgehee, William J. on 02 Jan 1827 in Wilkes County, Georgia]
| | L [Laurince?] Could be son/brother to W G McGEHEE
| |   b. abt 1825
| | Elizabeth [perhaps wife to L?/perhaps daughter of William and America Booker] McGEHEE
| |   b. abt 1831
| | James McGEHEE
| |   b. abt 1833
| | Cornealia McGEHEE
| |   b. abt 1835
| | & Christopher C   (Under Research) SCOTT
| | Jabez? [is this our Jabe Everett?] McGEHEE
| |   b. abt 1838/12 in 1850 census, Macon County, Alabama-born 1839 a/p online tree.
| | Henry McGEHEE
| |   b. abt 1840
| | Louisa McGEHEE
| |   b. abt 1843
| | Wesley McGEHEE
| |   b. abt 1844
| | Sarah McGEHEE
| |   b. abt 1846