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1. (Rememberances of James Ivy Fears Lavender, 9 April 1937 - Transcribed as written by Laurence Leigh Kriv, 30 December 2001 [] ). Identified as David Patterson Howard therein. See Excerpt in link.
2. "David P. Howard".  In census records, deed records and marriage records he is shown as David P Howard. It is his son in law James Ivey Fears Lavender who identifies him as David Patterson Howard confirming  suspicion that the Patterson name was an important one to the men of this family, coming down to the first born son in the line from David Patterson Howard to his son James Patterson "Pat" Howard, to Pat's son Benjamin Patterson Howard. The Patterson middle name very likely comes at least from Ben's greatgrandfather, (Pat's Great Grandfather, David's grandfather) , David P Howard of Virginia who married Harriet Logan and who has not yet been found with a full middle name, being currently confined in sources to David P Howard only, but with a birth family currently under research.
3. 022501, my interview with Doris Diggs Osborne, , my first cousin once removed, at her home in Oklahoma City, Okla,
4. Harriet Logan can be found in " Full Context of Provincial Councillors of Pennsylvania, 1733-1776. Those Earlier Councillors Who were some time Chief Magistrates of the Province, and their Descendants The Provincial Conncillors from 1733 to 1776."

"Harriet Logan , dau. of Charles and Mary Logan , p. 24, d. in Virginia , m., 1st., John St. John , a gentleman from Ireland , and, 2nd, David Howard .
Issue by 1st husband (surname St. John ):
John , lived in Georgia , d. s. p. aged 24,
Issue by 2nd husband (surname Howard ):
James Logan , of Texas ,
David , of Texas ,
Mary , of Texas ."
5. Martha Ann Fowler first provided by the "Rusk County Heritage Association," Provided to my mother and based on  work of its members in late 1980s, Meets monthly at the Howard Home (ancestor's Texas home in Henderson now known as the Howard/Dickinson Home). Later Confirmed by marriage record for Nacogdoches County, Texas.
6. Marthy Ann Howard when referenced by her son in law James Ivy Fears Lavender (Rememberances of James Ivy Fears Lavender, 9 April 1937 - Transcribed as written by Laurence Leigh Kriv, 30 December 2001) [] )
7. Marriage Index: Texas, 1851-1900. Genforum Library
Howard, David P.
Married: May 01, 1856 in: Nacogdoches, TX
Gender: M
Source info: microfilm reference numbers File name: 1003581 through 1003583
Spouse's gender: F Spouse's name: Fowler, Martha Ann

8. Early Nacogdoches, Texas Marriages - Book B (Arranged by brides)

9. (Cricket Albertson), a fellow researcher and correspondant "Cites DAR records in Hawkinsville, GA from the McGehee Family Bible." The McGehee Family bible is also cited herein and is presented in these pages.
10. Census 1860 for Alabama shown as Fannie age 1, born Ala as was her older sister Americus, shown as a male under that name.
11. appendicitis. as per her grandaughter Doris Diggs Osborne, and as told me 022501 in  my interview with her in  Oklahoma City, Okla,
12. Passed down Family Records had said marriage occured "Dallas" [my father's entry from unknown source].
There is a Dallas County Alabama and John D McGehee married Mrs Mary Choat there in 1848 ...could be a hint from family notes that Dallas County Alabama is involved in the McGehee/Cofield lines.  [see McGehee Choat marriage at]
13. family bible entry, mamie howard diggs, in possesion doris diggs osborne, her daughter, in and of Oklahoma City Dec 2003.
14. Ibid. George N or W.
15. Ibid. date.
16. Sept. 3, 1870. as per Email Correspondance from Larry Kriv [Part of Info copied from a family Bible. ] Letter dated June 5 2002. Full excerpt reads:

"Connie, Cynthia,

Here is some information that my mother-in-law had copied from a family Bible. For me, its great in that it has all of the middle names. Cynthia, note that Walter's middle name is Patterson.

There is a difference in James Ivy's birth date. His letter listed it as May 21, 1864. My mother-in-law had it as the 24th.

Additions (and you might have these already):
Linetta Lavender Jones died on January 6, 1969.
Aunt Neenie (Martha Irene) Lavender Blanke died on Sept 24, 1984.
Uncle Arwin Blanke died on March 31, 1985.
Walter Lavender was married to a woman named Ruby about 1918, according to the 1920 Census. They were living with James Ivy in Ft. Worth at the time.
He was listed as a salesman.

Also, here are a couple of pictures of Linetta and Rey Jones' grave markers from Shannon Rose Hill Memorial Park in Ft. Worth.


> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "William Brummel" <>
> To: "Kriv, Larry" <>
> Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 5:53 AM
> Subject: Re: James I. Lavender
> > Larry,
> > Bev found that letter from James Ivy Fears Lavender, a copy of which
> > Janet should have in her files, and it metions Julia's death in Ft.
> > but not where she was buried. Sorry.
> > They were married in Henderson on Nov. 25, 1888.
> > James Ivy Lavender was born May 24, 1864.
> > Julia Irene Howard was born on Sept. 3, 1870 and died on Oct. 6,
> > Joseph William was born on Jan. 8, 1890, died on March 23, 1890.
> > Willis Thomas was born on July 22, 1891 - no record of his death.
> > Felicia Estelle was born on July 20, 1893 - ditto.
> > Martha Irene was born on July 15, 1895 - ditto.
> > Walter Patterson was born on Feb. 22, 1898 - ditto.
> > * Eule Riddle born on Oct. 30, 1908, died Nov. 28, 1928.
> > *Married LeRoy McClendon
> > Addie Lula was born on Nov. 5, 1902 - died on June 18, 1928..
> > Lundy Linetta (Bev's Mom) was born on Dec. 25, 1904 - I don't
> > her death date.
> > Leonard Fears was born in 1906 - no recorded death date.
> > James Asbury was born on Jan. 2, 1909 - ditto.
> > M. Irene married on Dec. 2, 1914.
> > Walter married on Sept. 12, 1918.

--- Laurence Kriv

17. Oct. 6, 1916 Ft. Worth, Texas. see source #22 and #25, and the excerpt from which sources 17, 22, and 25 are taken  directly below
25. 1938.

Sources 17, 22, and 25 are From Lawrence Kriv, email March 2001, citations provided by Larry included in this letter are provided at end of this footnote text.
Larry writes
"Here are my records so far:

1 Arwin Harry Blanke
Birth: 7 Sep 18951
Death: 31 Mar 1985, Ft. Worth, Texas2

Spouse: Martha Irene Lavender
Birth: 15 Jul 1895, Texas3,1
Death: 24 Sep 1984, Ft. Worth, Texas2
Father: James Ivy Fears Lavender (1864-1938)
Mother: Julia Irene Howard (1871-<1920)

Children: Arwin, Jr.
James Richard (1918-1999)

1.1 Arwin, Jr. Blanke4
Death: WWII4

1.2 James Richard Blanke5
Birth: 9 Oct 19181
Death: 4 May 1999, Tarrant Co., TX1

Spouse: Norma Jean Guynes
Death: 21 Mar 1980, Tarrant Co., TX2

Children: Martha Jayme (1951-)
Shelly Jean (1943-)

1.2.1a Martha Jayme Blanke*5
Birth: 24 Mar 1951, Tarrant Co., TX6

Spouse: Byrd M., IV Williams7
Birth: 1951
Marr: 26 Mar 1971, Tarrant Co., TX
Div: 28 Dec 1976, Tarrant Co., TX

Children: Byrd M., V

Other Spouses Danny L. Kirkham

1.2.1a.1 Byrd M., V Williams5

1.2.1b Martha Jayme Blanke* (See above)

Spouse: Danny L. Kirkham
Birth: 1955
Marr: 8 Jan 1983, Tarrant Co., TX

Other Spouses Byrd M., IV Williams

1.2.2 Shelly Jean Blanke
Birth: 30 Jul 19436

1. - Search, "Social Security Death Index,"
2. - Search, "Texas Deaths, 1964-98,"
3. "1900 Federal Census," Texas, June 9 1900, Microfilm, Dallas Public
4. Conversations with Irene and Arwin Blanke in the early 1980's
5. Laurence Leigh Kriv, Personally known to me.
6. - Search, "Texas Birth,", Subsequently
removed by State of Texas.
7. Early 1980's, Jayme Blanke, Larry Kriv.

--- Laurence Kriv
Rec'd March 2001"

18. bef 1920.(Rememberances of James Ivy Fears Lavender, 9 April 1937 - Transcribed as written by Laurence Leigh Kriv, [] 30 December 2001)

19. Larry Kriv, Larry's wife is a descendant of Julia Howard married Lavender and has provided much detail on Julia's data.
20., email recieved march 17 2002 and May 2002
'I also ran into a very useful short microfilm listing the marriage records of Nacodouches Co, 1837-1871. Have you seen those records before in your
research? The Howard/Fowler's that I knew were David P and Martha Ann Howard (1 May 1856) and Robert M. and Sarah Jane Rountree (30 Nov 1854).
There were several others, but I won't transcribe them if you've already looked at those records. If not, let me know and I'll send them to you.'

2nd Email
"Nacogdouches -- Gateway to Texas, Vol II; A biographical Directory 1850-1860", by Carolyn Reeves Ericson (I know that you've referenced her
works before). She had a passage in there for Robert M. Roundtree. Noting the "d" in the last name, as opposed to whats written in the census, the
passage goes thusly:
Roundtree, Robert M. - b. ca 1935 South Carolina, married Sarah Jane Fowler
20 November 1854, daughter of James & Mary Fowler. 1860 Census,
Circuit-riding Methodist preacher. CHILDREN: Robert, b. ca 1855 Texas, John Fletcher, b. ca 1858 Texas.

I found the preacher part interesting as Littleton Fowler was a famous Methodist preacher and missionary who settled in Nacogdouches. Again, whether Littleton's related to James, who knows. Probably just another bit of trivia for a rainy day. Where Ericson found that information about Roundtree is not known."
21. (Rememberances of James Ivy Fears Lavender, 9 April 1937 - Transcribed as written by Laurence Leigh Kriv, 30 December 2001)

23. 30 December 2001)  21 May 1864 in his biographical [transcribed] account. (Rememberances of James Ivy Fears Lavender, 9 April 1937 - Transcribed as written by Laurence Leigh Kriv [] ,
24. Email Correspondance from Larry Kriv [Part of Info copied from a family Bible. ] Letter dated June 5 2002.  " There is a difference in James Ivy's birth date. His letter [remembrances] listed it as May 21, 1864. My mother-in-law had it as the 24th."

26. Larry Kriv, Larry's wife is a descendant of Julia Howard married Lavender and has provided much detail on Julia's data, Tarrant Co., TX 4 JAN 1938.
27. Email Correspondance from Larry Kriv [Part of Info copied from a family Bible. ] Letter dated June 5 2002. See Source 16 for excerpt in full.

28. "Rusk County Heritage Association," Provided to Mom by work of its members in late 1980s, Meets monthly at the Howard Home (mom's ancestor's Texas home).
29. "Amos, Martin, Kennington, Grider, and Sanders Families," 021201, Sarrah Amos, Associated with Rootsweb-Postings exchange in Howard Genforum 0211-021201, 021201 and [ ] noted 122303, Upshur County, Texas, First Accessed 021201, then again 122303,

30. Information supplied by Larry Kriv, [] citing "some information that my mother-in-law had copied from a family
Bible." See Source 16 for excerpt in full.

31. Information supplied by Larry Kriv []

Rememberances of James Ivy Fears Lavender, 9 April 1937 
Transcribed as written by J I F Lavender by Laurence Leigh Kriv, 30 December 2001 [] ). 
Much thanks to Larry Kriv for this valuable inclusion to the Howard and its allied families of Texas record. 

"Ft. Worth, Texas April 9, 1937

Some facts concerning the birth day and place also some events in the life of JAMES IVY FEARS LAVENDER.

I was born on the farm of my paternal Grand Father, Judge James Lavender, 7 miles from Griffen Georgia, Spalding County. Date Saturday, May 21, 1864, at half past four o'clock in the afternoon.
My Father Griffin Fears Lavender was in the army at the time but was home on furlo the day of my birth. Returned in a day or so in order to reach his command before the experation of the furlo. But was home again when I was some two months old and then back to the army and stayed until Nov. 22, 1864 when in a litlle fight at Griswoldville, Georgia he was killed.
After the fight he never answered the roll call and his commanding officer sent special request for his body and to get the contents of his pockets so as to send them home to my mother but his remains were
not found so that he was reported as "Missing" As there had been some prisoners taken my mother had tried to hope that he was taken prisoner and if so when the war closed next April surely he would come home but no such happy ending was in store.
Time went on and when I was some ten years old there was a re-union of
his brigade and at that meeting some man whose name I do not have made an address and in that speech he said that three days after the fight he in company with two other non commissioned officers were riding over the battlefield and some surrounding territory
and they found two bodies which were identified one as that of my father.
Well that was the first proog we had as to my father's taking off. He said that from what he could gather the two men had been wounded and went some distance from the scene of the battle and and there they died. He turned over the names and contents of each man's pockets to the officer in command but at the date of the speech ten years later he did not remember.
My father was with the army from Atlanta on south th Griswoldville.
When the cannons would fire my mother would hear the dishes in her cupboard rattle.
My father had bought a farm which he knew as the Shackesford place, and that was really his homestead but for the occasion of my birth mother had gone to the home of Grand Pa Lavender.
After the war ended and father did not come home it was very evident that he was dead but the speech ten years later was the first certain facts we had.
However under the law he was legally dead and his estate was administered on and sold just after the close of the war when it brought less than ten cents in the dollar of what father had paid for it.
After the administrator's sale mother rented a farm and had some now freed slaves cultivate it and then next year she bought a farm where we lived still Griffin Georgia until I was four years old when we moved to Grantville Georgia. After living in Grantville three years we moved with my maternal grandmother, Mrs. S.B. Steagall to Texas and the first year we lived at or near a little country town called at that time "Forest Hill" but later changed to :Glenn Fawn" We lived there one year and then moved to Mt. Enterprise, Texas and lived there a year and moved to Dallas, Texas. Stayed in Dallas three years and back to Mt. Enterprise where I grew to manhood.
I went to school in Georgia to a Mr. Cotter whom I though very small at the time remember as one of the best men whom I ever knew.
Then at Mt. Enterprise before moving to Dallas I attended a private school taught by a man named Andrew Jordan.
After moving to Dallas I went to a private school taught by a Mrs. Miller whom I loved as a child should love a good teacher. Then I attended what we then called "The Methodist College"
After returning in 1875 to Mt. Enterprise I went to such schools as we had whether public or private until I was grownand I went to Minden, Rusk County and went to school to a Professor Geeorge IsamWatkins a man loved by every pupil who ever went to school to him.
But it would be a crime I could never forgive myself for if I did not make moving remarks of one Robert T. Milner who taught school at Mt. Enterprise. He later became a newspaper editor and later a member from Rusk County of the Legislature and held under Governor T.M.Campbell some appointment I forget at this minute what it was but was later made President of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.
After my school at Minden I taught country schools for two years there in Rusk County and then moved to Jefferson, Marion County. Was living in Jefferson when I married.
I married Julia Irene Howard of Henderson, the County Seat of Rusk County. She was the second oldest daughter of David Patterson and Marthy Ann Howard. Of my parents-in-law I shall ever cherish the fondest memories. Surely if any man ever had a Father-in-law and a Mother-in-law who were worth their weight in gold then I had much.
My wife, Julia was the mother of by ten children two of whon died in infancy and the rest lived to be grown and then two very sweet daughters, Eula, and Addie died some years after their mother was translated to a better world than this.
In Jefferson I did various kinds of work, sold insurance some, had a job as transfer man for the Pacific Express Company for a while."

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