The Eichelberger Family: 2nd Generation America: Barbara [Maria Barbara] EICHELBERGER
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1 Barbara [Maria Barbara] [Anna Maria Barbara] EICHELBERGER1,2,3,4,5

Birth: 15 Jan 17431 ,  Lancaster Penna assumed from baptism6
Bapt: 21 Aug 1743, Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA.; Spon.: Michael Immel & wf., Maria1
Death: bef 10 Mar 1817,  Jeffersontown, Jefferson Co., KY.14
Burial:  Jefferson Cem. near Louisville, KY1 ; apparantly incomplete Jefferson Cemetery, records  do not reveal her 2 Alias: Barbara HOAKE in her fatherÝs will. She appears as Maria Barbara in her dtrÝs baptismal record2 Anna Maria Barbara according to aaaaHoke researcher but without citation for source5.
SpouseAndrew (Andreus) HOKE and Children of Union
Father: Frederick [Phillip Friedrich / Phillip Frederick] EICHELBERGER (1693-1776)
Mother: Mary Magdalena BECKER (~1715-~1789)
About Barbara and the confusion as to her mother found in research: Spouse:Andrew (Andreus) HOKE[See Link in name  to his own comprehensive and fully sourced page] Marr: Aug 17651

Children of Maria Eichelberger and Andrew (Andreus) HOKE [Surnamed HOKE) :


Sources For This Page

1. The Eichelberger Geneology Webpages, mounted byJoAnn Eichelberger Bauer [ jebauer@mymtnhome.com] .  This is part of a meticulously sourced and collaborative Eichelberger  website found on line and extremely valuable to  Eichelberger research.URL to this family group is [http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jodiem/Philip.Fred'k.Fm.Grps.2.htm#Eich.P.F.1693]. Children with detail are alloted their own pages, and own sources and the reader is encouraged to access this site for the data.
*Sources for this family group [Phillip Frederick Eichelberger and wife/children, given at end of page presenting family are [again, each child researched contains their OWN page and sources in addition] :  1. Canfield, Clifford R.; My German (Swiss/French?) Ancestors VI: (Phllippi, Eichelberger And Allied Families); Published independently by Clifford R. Canfield; 1997. [reprinted with permission of the author 08-17-99] 2. Records of Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA. 3. York County, PA. Court House: a) Unrecorded Will of Philip Fred'k. Eichelberger; dtd. 05 Feb 1776; probate 02 Oct 1776. b) Book H;110 : Will of Magdalena Eichelberger, dtd. 17 Nov 1789; probated 30 Apr 1790. 4. Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series; Vol. IX; p. 139: marriage of Anna Margaretha and Hans George Noes. 5. Eichelberger, A. W., Philip Frederick Eichelberger and his descendants - 1693 - 1900; genealogical record; p. 4; biographical section, p. 19 (Smyser family).6. The Private Record of Jacob Lischy, V.D.M. 1743-1769; Translation; pp. 80; 130.

2. Church Records: Adams, Berks & Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania 1729-1881  [Genforum library]
Date:  Jun 27, 1762
Event:  Baptism
Record ID:  133167
Relation:  Sponsor
Location:  Adams Co., PA
Church:  Lutheran Record, Adams Co., PA
Remark:  Maria Clara daughter of Andreas Hoch and Maria Barbara. Sponsors: Conrad Schwob and Maria  Clara.[The sponsors were parents of Adam SWOPE who would marry the daughter of Maria Clara HOCH[ the child and future mother being baptized]
3.. Biography of A W Eichelberger as found in  York County, Pennsylvania Biographical History [database online]. Provo, UT: Ancestry.com, 2000. Original data: Edit: Gibson, John. History of York County, Pennsylvania. Chicago: F.A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886. [Ancestry.com. Library]. This bio on his great grandson A W  yields information on the subject's great grandfather, Our Phillip Friederich EICHELBERGER and A W Eichelberger's bio is given its own page for its geneological and historical merit to other researchers. .

4. Fillmore K. Spangler III, ýThe Spangler Family Genealogy Page,ţ http://www.spanglers.info/  mainpage when sought in Nov 2002, http://www.txdirect.net/~spangler/ when viewed 120800, spangler@txdirect.net. [ See also sources numbered 9 and  10  upon which this site sometimes relies in these early American generations and where this entry is also found.]
5. ýThe Hoke Family,ţGedcom from Jack Hoke in which some entries are sourced to the book which follows. This source should be considered as Gedcom recieved from Jack Hoke April 2001. Loose reference for some entries may include the tome "In the Name of God Almighty, Amen. I ... HOKE Bequeath"  Jean A. Berlekamp/Hope L. McConnell, compilers.  Echo Press, Green Springs, OH, 1980 . Jack HOKE is a frequent contributor to Hoke forums and a longtime researcher of the lines, and his generosity in sharing his data is greatly appreciated. In the absence of secure and firm documentation to the worthy tome mentioned above in which to compare data and primary source, entries sourced to this footnote # must be considered unverified but probable.

6. The Private Record of Jacob Lischy, V.D.M. 1743-1769; 15 Jan 1743 [baptised lancaster, see baptism entry].Source also cited in group citation source #1 herein

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11. Edward W Spangler of York, Pa is sourced by Gilbert E Swope  on page 381 of his book The Swope Family 1676-1896 in reference to Lydia Spangler. Gilbert  states Edward ýhas written a very compete history of that family from which the (above) is takenţ. Lydia Spangler's ascendancy is then included.

12. Will abstract of Henry SPENGLER. Maria Clara Hoke (1762-1818) appears as Clara in her husbandÝs will abstract
13. Philip Frederick Eichelberger.Info from ýFamily is where it all begins,ţwebpage by  Gary Welker ©1999-2001. ,Detail on Eichelberger, URL for same [http://home.att.net/~cnev/np41.html]  Sourced at Location- sources cited are:  Eichelberger, A. W., Philip Frederick Eichelberger and his descendants - 1693 - 1900; Hanover Press, 1901; genealogical record p. 68; biographical section, p. 142-3., American Volunteer (newspaper of Carlisle, PA.); Marriage notice of Fred'k. Eichelberger "of the Senate" and Catharine Baker., Pennsylvania Vital Records; Vol. II; p. 637: Frederick Eichelberger Esq. m. Catharine Baker 29 Sep 1821; published The Lancaster Journal., Records of Franklin Cem., Franklin Twp., York Co., PA.; transcript: a) Col. Frederick, d. at Frederick MD. 05 Sep 1836; age 53-7-11., b) Margaret Elizabeth, dau. of Frederick & Catherine, dts. as above, d. age 8-5-22. c) Catharine Baker, wf. of Frederick, dts. as above; "d. in her 88th year"., EICHELBERGER LEONARD York County PA 193 Monaghan Township Federal Population Schedule PA 1810 Federal Census Index PAS1a989259
4. ýLink to source on Web:,ţ unsourced GEDCOM  http://www.8ung.at/dkolb/dat165.htm#10.

14. ýThe Hoke Family,ţGedcom from Jack Hoke  received april 2001.  Jack Hoke is a frequent contributor to Hoke forums and a longtime researcher of the lines

15. Magdelena EICHELBERGER's Will Date: 17 Nov 1789 Prove Date: 30 Apr 1790 Remarks: Eichelberger, Magdalena. Nov. 17, 1789. Executor: Jacob
Eichelberger. Hanover Township.
Children: Ludwick, Jacob and Leonard.
Grandchildren: Gloria, Barbara, and Elizabeth Hoke, children of Andrew Hoke,  mother's name not given; Catharine Smyser, daughter of Jacob Smyser,
mother's name not given; Frederick and Magdalena Eichelberger, children of Ludwick.
Lineages, Inc., comp. York County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1749-1819. [database online] Provo, UT: Ancestry.com, 2000. Original data: York County Wills.
Originals housed at the York County Archives.

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