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1 Dorothy CARY1,2,3
Birth abt 16804, Of the county of Warwick5 Virginia4,5
Death bef 1774, Va6
Religion Quaker
Father Thomas [Major] CARY (1645-1708)
Mother Anne  MILNER
Alias Caircy , as given on her husband's memorial. But  "The maiden name of his wife was not 'Caircy,' as given in the 'memorial,' but 'Cary,' she having been a daughter of Thomas Cary. She married, secondly, in 1718, Robert Jordan, "10
See comments on her Ascendancy and substantiation or questions on her inclusion  as daughter to Thomas and Anne Milner Cary 
Note on Circumstances She presented the very large inventory of her deceased first husband at a Court held for Henrico County the second day of August 1717 . See John Pleasant's Inventory giving an idea of the home she lived in at his page
1st Spouse John PLEASANTS1,11,12
Birth 1671 or 1672, Curles [Plantation], Henrico County, Va.13,14
Death 171315,16
Father John PLEASANTS (1644-1698)
Mother Jane LARCOME (1638-1708)
Marriage ca 1694, Virginia8
Children of Dorothy Cary and 
John Pleasants; 
Surnamed Pleasants
2nd Spouse of Dorothy CARY  Robert JORDAN, Sr 
Birth  eleventh day seventh month 1668103,,  of Nansamond County, Virginia 105 
Death 3 Aug 1728 106
Father Thomas JORDAN (1634-1699)  Of Chuckatuck, Nansemond County, Va, and Quaker from 1660
Mother Margaret BRASSEUR (1642-1708) a French Huguenot
Occupation Quaker Minister, first of several generations of Quaker preachers of repute of his family
Marriage 1718107, 108, 109 [9th 7mo ]107,, Quaker Ceremony; Curles Meeting House , Henrico County, Va  107
Quaker record of Marriage for Henrico County, Va : Curles Meeting House 9th 7mo 1718 . Joseph Woodson , Elizabeth Woodson , Tarleton Woodson , Richd. Faris, Sr. , Edward Mosby , Mary Mosby & others witnesses to the marriage of Robert Jordan Sr. to Dorothy Pleasants , widow of John Pleasants of Henrico Co." 9 The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908. Woodson Family Record 
" Edward Mosby and Mary Mosby among the witnesses to the marriage of Robert Jordan Sr. to Dorothy Pleasants , widow of John
Pleasants , decd. of Henrico Co. 9 d. 7 mo. 1718 ." The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908. Mosby Family Record Book, 1699-1756
Notes on Robert Jordan , Sr He married first [ninth day twelth month 1687] to Christian TABERER [died twenty sixth day sixth month 1689],  and he married second to Mary Belson [ 10th day fifth month 1690] . Several of his children of his second marriage were still young at the time of his third and final marriage to Dorothy. 
Comments on her Dorothy Cary's Ascendancy  and substantiation or questions  on her inclusion as daughter 
  • She is not included in the Prominent Families of Virginia by Pecquet du Bellet 
  • Fairfax Harrison's comment on her is 

  • "The only evidence for this Dorothy is the tradition in the Pleasants family that the wife of John Pleasants, son of the Pleasants immigrant, was Dorothy Cary (Va. Mag., XVI, 219, and William and Mary Quarterly, xxiv, 266). This is the only place she can be fitted into the pedigree. The Quaker affiliation of this generation of the Carys, the marriages of Miles Cary, of Potash Creek, and Joseph Pleasants, brother to John, with daughters of Richard Cocke, and the references to the wife and children of John Pleasants in his mother's will of 1708 (Va. Mag, xviii, 450), are all consistent with the tradition.
    The second husband was the first of several generations of Quaker preachers of repute of his family. For these Jordans see The Harrisons of Skimino (1910), 23. Under their influence Dorothy Cary's son Thomas Pleaasants also became a Quaker preacher, and married a daughter of Robert Jordan by his first wife (W & M Quar xxvii, 1210)
    SOURCES [ed note: for Thomas Cary and children] :
    (1) The Eggleston Notes for the will of THomas Cary , recorded 1708 in Warwick Will Book , I , 23, naming children Thomas, James, Milner and Elizabeth (2) Gleanings from public records, as cited."8p 42
  • The Valentine Papers states: 

  • "John Pleasants II , son of John Pleasants I and Jane (Larcome) Tucker , was born (according to the 'Memorial' quoted at the beginning of this note) Circa 1671 or 2 ; he resided as shown by the various transactions recited above, in Henrico County . He continued in the faith into which he was born and figured prominently as a Quaker. He died in the Spring or early Summer of 1714 . John Pleasants II married Dorothy , daughter of Thomas Cary . She married Secondly Robert Jordan , 1719 Febry. Robert Jordan and Dorothy , his wife, executor of the last will and testament of John Pleasants , decd. Plts. vs Richard Ferris Jr. Deft. 1720 June . The same vs the same. 1720 Sept. The same vs Richard Cocke , admr. of Thomas Shields . 1721 July . The same vs Ebenezer Adams , executor of Richard Cocke , decd. who was administrator of Thomas Shields (Henrico Records 1719-1724 , pp. 11, 30, 45, 115)7 ." (See Cary Family, ante p. 2247). "1The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908. Pleasants Family. Inventory of John Pleasants.
  • Ascendancy as here provided is also found in Frank Willing Leach's Pleasants Family Historial Society Publication. 
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