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Bentz's known to have Arrived Philadelphia 1727-17531
  • 1727 Johannes Jacob Bentz  took the oath of allegiance 2
  • 25 Sept 1732, ship Loyal Judith, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, Robert Turpin, Master: Michael Bentz [See Footnote 4]

  • AND , Johannes Bentz 
  • 30 Sept 1732, ship Dragon, from Rotterdam , last from Plymouth, Charles Hargrave, Master: Lenhart Bentz
  • 31 Oct 1737, ship William, from Rotterdam.  John Carter, Master: Erek Jacob Bentz footnote 1
  • Sept  20 1738  ship NANCY, William Wallace, master, from Rotterdam, but last from Dover in Old England: Johan Philip Bens, aged 27 years. Took the Oath of Allegiance to King George the Second and the Oath of Abjuration of the Jacobite pretensions to the throne, on S 20 1738, at the Court House in Philadelphia. from Pennsylvania German Pioneers, vol. I, pp. 227-231.1 There is also mentioned ,a "  John Philip Pentz of York took the Sacrement  as required by Act of Parliament Ap 9 1765,  naturalized Ap 10 1765 at a Supreme Court  at Philadelphia.p. 394 of Penna Archives II,  ii"5  SeeFootnote  3 discussing  Philip BENTZ , and deeds of Philip BENTZ of York. 

  • 3 Dec 1740, ship Robert & Alice, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. -- 185 passengers. Walter Goodman, Master: Andreus Bentz  [married Otillia Catharina LANG]
  • 7 Sept 1748, ship Hampshire, From Rotterdam. Thomas Cheesman, Master: Johan Jacob Bentz
  • 19 Oct 1749, ship Lydia, John Randolph, Capt. : Christian Bentz
  • 15 Sept 1749, ship Phoenix, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. John Mason, Master: Jörg Bentz, Johann Ludwig Bentz, Jacob (+) Bence footnote 2
  • 21 Sept 1751,  ship Two Brothers, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes - 239 Passengers. ,Thomas Arnet, Master: Johannes Bentz
  • 19 Sept 1752, ship Edinburg, James Russel, Master: Johan Christoph Bentz
  • 23 Oct 1752, ship Bawley, from Rotterdam, last  from Plymouth. George Grove, Capt: Georg Henrich Bentz, Carl Bentz
  • 29 Sept 1753 ,ship Rowand, [  ship Snow Rowand1] [Ship of Snow, Called  the Rowand] from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, Arthur Tran, Capt: Johan Christ Bentz

About The Ship Loyal Judith and Its Two Bentzes.of 1732


Footnote 4: Ship Loyal Judith, arrived Phila Sept. 25, 1732. From Rotterdam, last from Cowes, Robert Turpin, Master

Two Bentz's are found on this ship, and it is presumed by some researchers, but not proven or in any way substantiated beyond their precense on the same ship, that they were brothers. According to Rootsweb ships Lists , citing The Pennsyvlania Archives 2:17 , the original spelling of these names is PENS, Johannes. age.23 and PENTES, Mickell. age.27. OliveTree Geneology, presents The ship list, and oaths of allegiance of those on the Loyal Judith in which are shown in the ship  Mickell Pents  27 and Johannes Pens       23 and in signed oaths of allegiance at the same source can be found  Johannes Benz [who signed]  and far above him Mich(1) (X) Pents or Michael (X) Pens  who apparantly signed with an X. As the English scribes often spelled phoenetically, the signature of Johannes BENZ is far more revealing of the surname in the homeland than the variations given it by the scribes, while the surname as given by the english scribes is far more revealing of the German pronounciation of the name.

Footnote 1; Ship William is credited with carrying a George Jacob Bentz I can not find in the record by source1

Footnote 2: presented as George Bentz, Jacob Bentz, Joh. Ludwig Bentz by source1

Footnote 3: This  Johan Philip Bens arrived 1738 [back up to his entry] , and the John Philip Pentz of York mentioned in the same paragraph and naturalized in 1765 may be the same man. In either case, the naturalized John Philip PENTZ mentioned confuses the identification of American born  John Philip "Philip" BENTZ son of immigrant Johan Bentz  . There are multiple deed entries for one or more  Philip BENTZ's of York which I have gathered under OUR  Philip Bentz  for purposes of research..but which Philip Bentz of York they each actually belongs to is under research.


Sources for this page [Bentz's on Ships]:

1. Unless otherwise noted, initial notation on name and  date of ship, and Bentz passenger are entries from  Bryan Bentz  and credited by him to Jay Hammond, which I have  substantiated and expanded upon with the ship index , city of origin and route, when found. Bryan maintains an extensive Bentz Site "Andreus Bentz Descendants"  primarily relevant to the  [American Immigrant of that line residing in Penna] .
2. Names of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775, Page 263
3.  Ships lists as given in links for pertinent entries above.
5. Evidences of the Bentz-Pentz Families in York County [PA] Before the Year 1850, By The Historical Society of York County: Henry James Young, A.B., Researcher (1935)

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